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Droid Sighting

About three weeks ago, Chris brought the R2D2 mailboxes to the attention of the Philly metblog. He asked the crucial question: will we get one?

I am happy to report: yes.

Friday, on my walk home from work, I ended up taking a less-customary set of jigs and jogs, which landed me on the corner of 21st and Market. And on that corner was one of the droids I was looking for.

I would have taken a cellphone picture as tangible proof, but I have thus far been too lazy to learn how to use my cellphone’s camera. (Oops.)

Instant Movie: Just Add 48 Hours

As a fan of National Novel Writing month, I had to say this story in the Inquirer caught my eye: the 48 Hour Film Project is in Philly this weekend, a competition to see who can make the best short film, from “action” to the final edit, in 48 hours. The best films will be presented at the Philadelphia Film Festival on the weekend of April 5th — which, for those who are counting, is just 2 weeks away.

Will We Get One?


The above is a picture of a USPS mail box with a special covering made to look like R2-D2 from the Star Wars films. In association with Lucasfilm the USPS has some special things planned for the upcoming 30th anniversary of the classic sc-fi film. One of those special things is that about 400 of these R2 mail boxes will be making their way to about 200 cities. Will we be getting one? I don’t know but a special announcement will be made by the USPS on March 28th so check back here then to find out.

Picture Credit: AP

Check out hour two of Radio Times tomorrow

Tomorrow morning during the second hour of Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane my former co-worker and fellow blogger (and Philadelphia Weekly film writer) Matt Prigge will be on (along with City Paper film writer Sam Adams) the program to talk about movies and the Oscars, which will be airing on Sunday night. Matt knows more about movies than anyone else I know and so I’m confident that it will be an entertaining hour. He has always talked about coming to write over here at the metblog with us, but I’m afraid that his star has now risen too high.

Films with an Anti-War Message

For the next two Mondays, the Philadelphia Anti-War Forum will be screening movies that are in keeping with an anti-war theme at the A-Space (4722 Baltimore Ave.) at 7:30 pm. Admission is free. Tonight they’ll be showing Winter Soldier and next week The Ground Truth.

There is more information about the films after the jump.

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

I came home from class tonight to an email in my inbox, announcing that the International House at Penn is screeing selections from the 5th edition of the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival.

The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival has become a leading venue for distinguished fiction, documentary and animated films and videos with a distinctive human rights theme. Through the eyes of committed and courageous filmmakers, it showcases the heroic stories of activists and survivors from all over the world. The works featured help to put a human face on threats to individual freedom and dignity, and celebrate the power of the human spirit and intellect to prevail.

They will screen a different movie every day for the next four days at 7 pm. General admission is $7 (if you’re a member of the International House you get in for free).

Sorry for the late posting on this one, but I only found out about it today. You can find all the details about the different films after the jump.

We’re Number Two!

MovieMaker Magazine has named us the second best city in the country in which to film. New York is number one. Philly is moving up in the world though, because last year we were fifth. Maybe next year we can knock NYC out of the number 1 spot.

Inqlings | Philly called second-best movie city [Inquirer]

$1 Shows at New Pearl Theater

Well, the new Pearl Movie Theater has opened up in the Avenue North complex by Temple University. During my early-morning appointment with the Channel 6 News, I heard an announcement that all tickets and refreshments today and tomorrow would be at a flat $1 rate—-with proceeds going to charity.

So, if you’re excited about north Philly’s new movie theater, you’ve got a great chance to try it out for very little cost!

(And if I ever find a listing of shows and times–or the charity benefitting from this promotion–, I’ll throw another link or two up here.)

Inquirer: After 30 Years, it’s Movie Time
Metro: Theater of Engagement
Philadelphia Will Do: North Philly Residents Rush to See Crap

Khabi Alvida Naa Kehna

I just finished watching the Bollywood film Khabi Alvida Naa Kehna, and was surprised that it was shot mainly in Philadelphia. I knew something was up when they thanked the Philadelphia Film Association in the opening credits, but there were no less than 8 scenes in SEPTA stations alone. The story was theoretically based in NYC, but I guess they figured few people watching would know the difference (they did have some stock images of Radio City Music Hall/Statue of Libery). Shah Rukh Khan is one of the leads, which means there are a couple of melodramatic crying in the rain scenes, but other than that the story’s pretty good.

Extras! Crew! Shooter!

I’ve been super busy with work lately, and I haven’t been keeping up with the local Philadelphia happenings. Perhaps someone can help me out here?

It’s 3 AM Sunday morning, and I’m driving back from Brooklyn when I finally cross the Ben Franklin Bridge. This means I’m almost home and can get to sleep. I’m pulling around 4th Street, Race Streets, 2nd Street… and I see these huge yellow signs with black arrows on them, pointing in different directions for Extras, Crew and Shooter. I can only assume that something was filming this weekend.

What’s the deal? Any ideas? Help fill-in a deprived metblogger here!

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