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My Thrift Store Addiction

Everyone that knows me well can tell you that I am totally addicted to thrift stores, yard sales, sidewalk sales or anything used (Except undergarments and a couple other considerable items). I think of myself as a stylish person and I owe it all to the notable thrift stores around the city. I usually do the circle thrift and village thrift stores around the town (preferably in the ghetto; they have the best items for the best prices). When I’m in center city I live for the Buffalo Exchange. Although they are kind of high, you don’t have to sift through countless racks to find trendy items. I have everything from Gucci bags to Christian Dior ties at prices no more than five dollars! I feed my addiction every weekend and when I find a good piece I feel like I have conquered the world all in just one trip to the thrift store.

Stylish Nicole Fisher

Nicole Fisher creator of the NICFISH line is blowing up the spot in fashion. This Philly native’s designs have dressed the likes of entertainers and athletes such as Bernard Hopkins, Free (from 106 and Park), Quest Love and Esthero to name a few. Her designs are funky hip and unquestionably feminine. Look out for NICFISH designs in boutiques across the country starting with Philadelphia. Nicole Fisher will definitely become a notable name in the fashion industry and will possibly bring a little glam back to Philly in the process. Check out the website!

I Want this Shirt!

It’s available here.

Image source: The Feed Store.

I know It’s Hot, But Seriously

We all grimaced when we heard the weather forecasts projected such oppressive heat for the next several days. The thought of functioning in such heat was almost too much to bear. Now, we are right in the middle of the heat wave. Yes, yes, you will hear much more about it, you may already be sick of hearing about it. But did any of us think of some the of the other effects of these temperatures? Like the tragic fashion choices made in the face of such heat?

I hadn’t given it much thought myself until my commute home. Boarding the 33 bus, I see a grown-ass woman wearing a bikini top. Not with anything under or over it, but on it’s own. Is this Miami or something? Call me a prude, but you are not at the beach! I’m hot too, but you have to remain fully clothed in an urban area! Don’t you? Shouldn’t you?! But, thank goodness for small miracles: Unlike many of the fashion disasters I have seen over the years in Philadelphia, at least this woman was contained by her top.

Get Thee to Macy’s!

Sitting listening to Channel 6 news just now, as I do every morning, I received a jolt. No, it didn’t come from my morning coffee. It came from the wondrous news that Macy’s will finally be opening in Center City Philadelphia today. FINALLY! If I had known I would have taken the day off. I have been wishing for a Macy’s since I moved into the city 7 years ago. Why should I have to go to Cherry Hill or King of Prussia to take advantage of their fabulous merchandise and one-day sales (which always last for at least two days?). When the JCPenney’s at the Gallery shut down a few years ago, I hoped for a Macy’s. Before that, I had hoped that perhaps that wretched pit formerly located at 8th and Market would be turned into a Macy’s. But now, I have my wish. Dreams do come true!!

This development is not, however, good news to my budget, and my repeated attempts to curtail my love of shoes and clothing. However, surely the money I will save on getting clothes that I REALLY want on sale will in fact help my budget, right? Ahem.

In all seriousness, if you live or work anywhere near the former Lord and Taylor at 13th and Chestnut, check it out! Supposedly there will be giveaways–who can pass up free stuff? Please get something for me too while you’re there.

Haters unite!

I am posting this picture after the fact, merely to share that yes, I did know about this and yes, I did restrain myself. I only screamed at one emo kid today.

I hope someone else celebrated this…

Spotted–‘fro with pick

This morning as I was climbing the stairs out of trolley stop, I noticed three high school age kids, walking just a little ways in front of me. One of the boys, who looked to be about 15, had a midsized ‘fro going on. The thing that made me notice it was the pick that was sticking out of it. People were doing that when I was in middle school.

Is this style back? Did it ever go away? I remember the first time a kid showed up at West Sylvan Middle School with a comb still in his hair, it caused quite a stir. I think the teachers made him take it out and put it away.

Of all the looks to come back, why is this one making a resurgence?

Spotting a new trend…dog shoes


I spent a couple hours today in Rittenhouse Square with some friends. We talked, drank coffee and watched people. It’s one of the most perfect ways to spend a Sunday afternoon (the only thing that might make it better in my book would be the addition of a nap, on a couch, covered with a quilt, a patch of warm sun streaming in to warm your feet).

But while sitting in the square, I noticed an interesting trend. All the little dogs were wearing booties. I found this so fascinating that I was forced to take pictures. Why are the little dogs wearing booties? It’s not that cold out, there’s no snow on the ground and aren’t dogs paws designed to handle the ground?

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