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Punk Rock Flea Market postponed! (Shopping weekend!)

This just in – a little late, but at least I didn’t walk there, as I was planning – the Punk Rock Flea Market (below) is postponed due to some permit issues with the building and city. Check the R5 website for details.

1. Not so sure if it’s always this close to the holidays, but the Punk Rock Flea Market is on Saturday, from 10-5. $3 donation. The Starlight Ballroom: 460 N. 9th St.

Records, crafts, clothes, toys, furniture, food, etc!

2. 2nd Street Shopping Spree: Shop at 3 stores and receive subsequent discounts at each. The stores are: Art Star (623 N. 2nd), Conspiracy Showroom (910 N. 2nd), and Arcadia (819 N. 2nd). When you shop at the first, you get a 10% discount and coupon for 15% off the 2nd store, then at the 2nd store, you get a coupon for 20% off at the third.


Fox 29 says that you, too, can become a recessionista.

What happened to just calling it “finding a bargain”? Or “stretching your dollar”?

Why are we making up words to make stuck up people feel better about not spending so much money?

Recessionista definitely sounds like the doings of someone in New York. Probably the same idiot who made up “staycation“.


– AP

I’m looking for funny bonnets

Does God care what you wear? I will be out and about to see what other people think they should be wearing to celebrate Easter. There is some sort of Easter-fashion-wear-your-bonnet parade/contest in Headhouse Square (2nd & Pine) on Sunday, March 23, from 1-3. Since I don’t really give a flying you-know-what about religious holidays, I will be going to people-watch. It sounds fun, and if you are religious, you can partake in this fashion show/contest! I think I read a mention of drag queens in the City Paper. Here is the real information.

Furthermore, if you want to play Halloween on Easter, you can just go drinking, dressed as a zombie. Thanks, as always, City Paper!

Not-Philadelphia Premium Outlets

I received an e-mail from J Crew today announcing their factory outlet in Philadelphia. I was immediately very excited, they’re one of few places that makes clothes that actually fit me properly and generally disgustingly overpriced. A factory outlet nearby would be perfect!

Then I read more closely. The Philadelphia Premium Outlets are actually in Limerick, PA. Not only is the name terribly misleading, they go on to say they’re approximately 35 minutes from downtown. That’s quite the approximation, the only way one could get there in 35 minutes is if it were 3:00 AM. The way 76 jams up the realistic travel time is much closer to an hour and a half. At that point it may make more sense to go the extra 20 miles to the Jackson Premium Outlets near Six Flags instead.

My excitement is now squished.

Near-disaster at the beauty school

I’ve gotten many a beauty school hair cut in my day and have always functioned under the belief that if you are very specific about what you tell the student you want, that you’ll come out with a good hair cut. Well today my theory was smashed to bits, because I realize that strategy doesn’t work if the student doesn’t listen to you. I told her exactly what I wanted and she took me a direction that was a whole lot closer to punk rock that I’ve ever been before. Not that I have anything against punk rock, but it’s just not a look I can pull off particularly well.

Thankfully I am okay with my hair right now, mostly because my student stylist (butcher) called her instructor over to help her fix it when I expressed my unhappiness. It is about an inch and a half shorter than I was hoping for, because I had to lose some length in order to get it to a place where I was more happy. But, I think it will take me a little while before I get up the nerve to go back to Jean Madeline.

Sueur Couture

One thing I noticed upon moving to Philadelphia three years ago was the abundance of sweats. So many people, wearing all kinds of sweat-suits, combinations and variations depending on the season! I’ve even witnessed sweatpants cut off at the correct length to simulate capri pants in the summer. I haven’t worn sweats outside of the gym since college, and even then I felt improperly dressed. In Philly, though, they’re almost de rigeur.

As it turns out, Philadelphia is indeed the sweat-suit capital of America with one in three adults having purchased sweats. Anyone have a favorite pair? Eagles greens (or pinks) perhaps?

Philadelphia style is more than sweatpants and Eagles jerseys

The lovely ladies of Faceadelphia know style—not fashion shows or professional runways, but real people wearing real clothes at real events. Two college students with an outside interest in fashion, Kate and Rachel post wonderful photographs of people on the street or out at the bar, enjoying themselves and their unique sense of style. “We started the blog because we both really love to get out there and meet new people and learn about their style, ” says Kate and Rachel, and I enjoy reading this blog because it’s great to see people who love what they wear and love showing off for the camera.

Why I Still Love Tiffanys

I recently discussed the excellent customer service at Tiffany & Company. Their Walnut Street store is absolutely exceptional. I ordered extra links for my necklace and when the delivery date came it was not there. I was told to call back today and it still has not arrived in the store. The customer service representative apologized for the delay and stated that the fee for the service would be waived. Now that’s service, I get extra links added on for free. Hey, it won’t hurt to wait or day or so right?

Oh Tiffany…


I received a Tiffany & Co. choker for my birthday and it did just that choked the hell out of me. So I have been basically holding on to it and wondering what I was going to do with a necklace that barely fits around my fat neck. After doing some research I landed back at the place of purchase, the Tiffany & Co. store on 14th and Walnut and my problem was solved in a blink of an eye. For a mere twenty dollars, I was able to send the necklace away and add four links which will allow me to have more than enough room so that I won’t feel like I have a dog collar on. When the necklace arrives back in the store, I will be notified by mail and telephone of its return and it only takes two weeks to complete the service. So when you buy from Tiffany’s you buy good quality, good service and the best silver any girl could ask for.

Where Every Woman Can Be Beautiful

I recently had the chance to roam Center City, something I rarely do. I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time now, visit the MAC Store. It was such an experience that I will most likely make it my business to visit more frequently. The most impressive thing about the employees at the MAC Store is that they are not going to try to sell you the world, only what you need. Kudos to the MAC Store on Walnut Street, I have visited the store in King of Prussia and their services resembled nothing like the services I received at the Walnut Street Store. They will definitely see me again.

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