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Get Blowed Up in Surf City, New Jersey

Amazing. NBC 10 is reporting more buried munitions, also know as explosives, were found on the beach in Surf City, Long Beach Island on Saturday and Sunday. But just two!, and seven since the beach was opened to the public on May 23rd. Nine hundred were found earlier in May of 2007.

Forgive me for laughing out loud at the response of beachgoers….it’s a scary thing on your mind but it’s not going to stop us from coming out and having fun……..Another child care giver was quoted as saying about her child…..I was just telling him not to dig too deep…..

Damn! I think I would be telling the children, do not dig too deep, and dig, way, way, way over there, away from daddy.

Another comment from an adult…….I trust the government that they are doing what they should….


Thanks to Ted Greenberg of NBC 10 for the story

The Tolling of Pennsylvania

It appears the idea of making the 314 mile long I-80 a toll road has been taken seriously. From experience I can tell you Pennsylvania has some of the worst roads South of Maine, North of Florida, and East of Tennessee. Our roads are terrible, too narrow, cracked, bumpy, ill lighted. I was just astounded on recent trips, coming home from other states, how you could be driving along at a decent speed, eating up miles safely, then you get into Pennsylvania and you are back in the 19th century. When it is raining it is even worse with poor runoff, pooling, treacherous roads.

I do not know if the toll idea will work to raise money in order to improve our roadways but I don’t think it can be dismissed out of hand. Harrisburg is trying to figure out how to exempt local traffic from the toll. They basically want to collect from out of state users. On I-80, which runs from California to the George Washington Bridge in N.Y., seventy-five percent of drivers are from out of state!

Lots of problems with the idea. Does it go against the inter-state commerce laws and other details have to be worked out. I am just glad they are beginning to deal with the problem.

Six Flags Horror

Yesterday my fiancé told me about a horrific accident at a Six Flags where a girl lost her feet on a ride. He also told me it was at Six Flags Great Adventure in southern New Jersey, which it is was not. The incident took place at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Thinking it was the NJ location, though, I automatically assumed the ride would be the same one reported to have “ripped a girl’s hair out” when I was younger. I believe it was called Free Fall.

I’m guessing the hair story is a suburban legend, did it make the rounds in Philadelphia as well? Does anyone out there know if this was even remotely true? Regardless, I found myself in line for Free Fall one year, and chickened out at the last minute. It was completely irrational, I just couldn’t do it. I like my hair in my head.

‘Cause Down the Shore Everything’s All Right

Two South Jersey boardwalks have been choosen by as being among the Top Ten Boardwalks in America. The historic boardwalk of Atlantic City first built in 1870 so sand would not ruin the carpets in the hotels and the boardwalk of Ocean City N.J. home to historic Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy.
Click here for a photo of Ocean City boardwalk.

Of course, those of us living in Philadelphia have always known about the great places down the shore at less than a 2.5 hour drive. Cape May at the Southern tip, Wildwood, Sea Isle, all have interesting boardwalks. It is nice others across the country have recognized the gifts we have been given.

Six Flags, now with less smoke

A day at Six Flags is a popular warm-weather activity, and I’ve enjoyed quite a few myself. I love roller-coasters and thrill rides, and often have trouble finding friends who are able to keep up with me and my iron stomach. The drawbacks are obvious though: admission prices and waiting forever in long lines. For me, the worst experience is waiting in line near a smoker; worse than near a horny face sucking teenage couple. They puff out reeking cancerous stank within inches of you constantly, using cigarettes to treat their line boredom. No more! The parks now have a smoking ban that will only allow smoking in a few designated areas. Jackson Township, NJ, has jumped on the idea as well, creating a $1,000 fine for violation of the Six Flags ban in addition to park ejection without a refund.

April Meteor Showers

If you are up late tonight, meaning into Sunday morning, you might be able to see a meteor shower. Joe Rao of reports that a few hours before dawn the Lyrid meteor shower will be at its peak.
In past years ( 1922, 1982 ) as many as 80 to 96 per hour have been seen. Don’t expect those high numbers but with a clear moonless sky, we could get lucky.

Shootings at Virginia Tech

Hearts are breaking all over the country for those whose lives have been affected by the shooting at Virginia Tech. If you are looking for details that come from close to VT, please go over and check out the DC Metblog, as they are doing what they can to track news and information about the tragedy.

When a Joke Becomes Serious

We’ve all made some sort of joking criticism in our lives, be it about some eratic driver or the actions of customer service. My father in-law flew to Akron, Ohio from Philadelphia International Airport Friday and after a rather bumpy landing he made a joke to a crew member asking if the pilot was drunk. The crew member laughed it off saying no of course not but a stewardess called for airport security. The plane was grounded while the crew was tested for alcohol and upon determining no crew member had been drinking arrested my father in-law on the charges of inducing a panic.

Visible Lunar Eclipse Tonight

There will be a total lunar eclipse visible tonight in Philadelphia and environs. It will start at 5:49 pm, although the moon won’t actually begin to rise until a little bit later.

Derek Pitts, the chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute says that “You’ll be able to see the shadow of the earth very easily on the moon because it’ll appear dark in color, tan or reddish. Maybe deep brick red and sometimes disappear from view.”

This is a unique eclipse because it is at least partially visible from every continent in the world. If you miss this one, do not fear, because there will be another one on August 28th.

Region Preparing For Lunar Eclipse [CBS]


A little ways up Broad Street in Reading, PA (OK so it is quite a ways up Broad Street) a small earthquake hit. The US Geological Survey is stating it was a 2.5 in magnitude. Certainly nothing like our friends out in Los Angeles or San Francisco are used to but I’m sure that the massive quake today certainly got some folks scared.

According to the USGS a 2.0 quake is hardly felt by people I guess it was lucky for those folks that they got a 2.5 magnitude quake or they probably never would have known how much in danger they really were.

Joking aside, I seem to remember my 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Tamaro telling us that the Philadelphia / Bucks County area is actually on one of the biggest fault lines in the United States but it is just less active than the San Andreas line. Can anyone verify that?, because I am much too lazy today to look that up.

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