Day Pass Shenanigans

I really like the SEPTA One Day Convenience Pass, or as us public transit folks call it, a “day pass”.

You pay $6 and get to use it on the bus, subways, trolleys, and the El up to 8 times in one day. So, if you’re takin’ the bus, then the train, then the El, then the bus again to your destination and the bus, the El, the train, and the bus (third base!), it’s pretty damn useful. Really awesome if you wanna see the historical sights of the greatest City in the land and save some gas money/parking stress.

Just watch out for inept SEPTA ticket window people or the “One Day Convenience Pass” will become the “Half Hour Pain In The Ass”.

To save time the other day, I bought the day pass at the Marcus Hook R2 station instead of up in Center City. The chick there sold me a pass that said “2007” on it instead of “2008-09”. This is very important because the bus drivers and El ticket window peeps punch a whole into the date of the ride.

I asked her if using it was ok – I didn’t want other bus drivers to think I was trying to scam them with using a 2007 pass. She said she was all out of 2008 passes and that it was totally ok to use. I didn’t buy it.

As soon as I got to the 30th Street El Station, I told the dude at the El ticket window. Obviously, he thought I was scamming him – so he called down to the Marcus Hook station where the lady confirmed she sold me a 2007 day pass.

Then, I had to walk back over to 30th Street Station and fill out a form and tell them my situation all over again. They almost told me I had to re-buy a new one and mail the old pass back in for a refund but finally just traded my 2007 pass in for a 2008 pass. Plus, I found out from the very nice lady at 30th Street – that this isn’t the first time the chick in Marcus Hook has done this and they’ve been bugging her to mail in her 2007 passes for new ones.

All of that took about a half hour out of my commute and I was almost late to my destination. Then I had French toast and bacon. So I was ok.

Just be careful out there on SEPTA. 99% of the drivers and conductors and staff I’ve dealt with ovre the years are awesome – but once in a while, there’s an idiot out there selling old passes that will screw up your commute.

– AP

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