Waiting with Wifi

A couple months ago, a friend of mine needed surgery and I took the day off work to stay at the hospital from start to finish. I stocked up on snacks and lunch from Wawa and packed up my backpack with everything I would need for the day: knitting needles and plenty of yarn, books to read, math puzzles, my cell phone plus charger, and an iPod loaded with music and several episodes of Lost.

Little did I know that Pennsylvania Hospital offers free internet in the surgery waiting room! Friends and family can connect wirelessly to the network, but if their laptops only have wired connectivity, there are several network access ports near the back of the waiting area.

This is great for people spending all day in the waiting room (like myself) and needing to stay connected to others who may want to keep updated on their loved one’s patient status. This would have been so much easier for me than trying to check my work email with Outlook Webmail on a tiny Opera browser using the internet on my mobile phone.

Speaking of patient status: there are also large monitors installed in the waiting area showing the current location of all surgery patients! For privacy reasons, the list only shows the patient’s first initial and the first four letters of last name, but it’s so much easier to see that DOE, J was admitted to PREP at 10:30 than to sit around wondering why the doctor hasn’t come in to update yet.

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