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Photo of the Day

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Grey’s Ferry Train Bridge, originally uploaded by Phillybits.

I like how the manmade lines of the bridge are enhanced by the greens of the river and trees.

Underway and Undefeated

At least it is a good start, something the Eagles nor Phillies can not say at this moment. The Flyers are 1-0 after defeating the Calgary Flames last night to open up the season. New acquisition Daniel Briere started making good on his hefty salary immediately scoring twice, something that will endear him to fans at least until tomorrow night when they play Edmonton. Coach John Stevens is going to be in the hotseat all year, he has a solid lineup of young and veteran players and if he can’t get them to play under him this year, he might as well begin packing his office up now, at least he is off in the right direction.

We’re Great….

So the American Planning Association has come out and listed their 2007 Great Streets and Great Neighborhoods and guess what? If you guessed that Philadelphia made the list you would be wrong. Instead we were beat out by…. Oh does it really matter who we were beat out by? Who actually came up with this list? Pittsburgh has one of the top ten neighborhoods in the country? Pittsburgh? Really?

C’mon we have plenty of great neighborhoods. What about…. you know that neighborhood where the guy got shot last night. You know which one I’m talking about, right? That’s a great neighborhood. And as for streets, where is the intersection of Red Lion and Roosevelt Blvd.? Or Grant And Roosevelt Blvd.? Sarcasm aside, we certainly have better neighborhoods and streets than some of the ones on their list. Screw you American Planning Association.

Send Albert to Paris


Local photog and blogger, <a href=”two%20of%20Albert_s%20contest%20pics.jpgAlbert Yee has entered himself into a contest that is being run by the Metro chain of newspapers (one of which they publish in Philly). The contest allows photographers from all over the world to submit up to five original color pictures. Readers of the paper are then invited to vote for their favorites. The winner will be sent to Paris with a friend to photograph the “Colors of Paris.” Some of the images the winner produces will then be printed in an edition of the Metro.

The images shown above are two Albert’s submissions. Click here to see the rest and to vote.

Ben Franklin unveiled at 4th and Arch

Ben%20Franklin_s%20head.jpgYesterday a one-ton and nine-foot-tall bronze sculpture of Ben Franklin called “Keys To Community” was installed at 4th and Arch Streets. Created by West Philly artist James Peniston and commissioned by the city, the work was funding by the Fire Department and schoolchildren of Philadelphia (they collected 1.5 million pennies as their contribution).

This new piece of public art will be unveiled and dedicated Friday, October 5th at 10 am. Community members are invited to attend the dedication. Later on in the evening a First Friday reception will be held at the park just behind the sculpture. There will be live music and snacks for all comers from 6 to 8 pm.

You can find pictures of the sculpture here and here.

Raina Rose & John Elliot this Sunday at the Church


Raina Rose met John Elliott at the only free camp site at Lake Tahoe. They were both taken by each other’s music (they both play a personal style of folky rock) the minute they heard it and have been friends ever since. Now on tour together for the first time, they’re playing in Philly this Sunday at 5 pm at the Church. Tickets are $10 at the door. They’re doing an acoustic chapel show, which means that the sound will be terrific and the setting will be cozy. Definitely not something to miss.

Brandi Carlile and A Fine Frenzy at the Electric Factory

Monday night* I went to see the Brandi Carlile (with A Fine Frenzy) concert at the Electric Factory. I got there a little late as I had to work until 8 pm which was also the time that show started. I was hoping that things would start late, or that there’d be an opener for the opener (something I have encountered in the past at the Electric Factory). Sadly we got there just as A Fine Frenzy was ending their final song. I feel slightly guilty about that because it was her promotion company that gave me the tickets, but it was unavoidable. What I heard was good, but it’s hard to form an opinion based on the closing strains of a single song.

However, Brandi Carlile and band were excellent. I had heard her music before, I believe she was one of XPN’s Artists to Watch sometime back, so she was definitely field of awareness but I hadn’t paid much attention to her until seeing her live. Since I am a sucker for musicians who combine bluegrass with rock, there was nothing about her for me not to like. I was especially charmed when she stepped away from the mic and sang a song with two of her band mates totally unamplified. That takes a certain amount of chutzpah and talent.

One weird thing about the show was that the Electric Factory had chairs set up on the main floor. I’d never seen them do that before and it was kind of pointless because as soon as Brandi and her band started playing, everyone stood up. The friend with whom I went refused to stand. He is something of a curmudgeon.

*I meant to write about this sooner, but somehow the last two days have vanished without a trace.

Photo of the Day

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The Morning After the Game, originally uploaded by FourthFloor.

“The Morning After the Game” by FourthFloor
I like the misty view of the skyline and great colors. Also, the baseball theme is, of course, very timely!

Phillies 2, Rockies 3 in the top of the 6th…

Over cross town, the first game of the 2007 postseason is in the 6th inning and the Colorado Rockies led the NL East champion Fightin’ Phils, 3-2. Only ten minutes ago, the Phillies’ looked dead, sluggish, borish, dull and labored. Jeff Francis, the snot-nosed punk pitcher for the Rockies’ struck out the first four Phillies he faced Meanwhile, the Mighty Cole struggled out of the gate before ‘losing his energy” and having a typical strong set of middle innings…


Big Grande’s mancrush, Aaron Rowand hit a homer to right…and then Burns’ mancrush, Pat Burrell, hit a homer to left…and then no one’s mancrush, Wes Helms, popped out to center…

But the damage was done, said announcer Don Orsillo.

3-2…top of the sixth…moving shadows across the outfield…

A couple things of note:
1.) The Force That is Chase has struck out twice now, swinging the bat like he either just got out of bed or got attacked by a stray dog. I wonder if an Utley slump through the first half of the postseason will be a possible story line as this continues, a la Johnny Damon for the Red Sox in 2004.
2.) TBS needs better spell checkers, unless all season the Phillies were mispelling the names of “Carlos Ruis” and “West Helms.”
2a.) Why in the name of God is Helms starting??? I didn’t even know he was on the team anymore. As far I thought, our third basemen were Dobbserman and ANew. I thought OverWhelms was long gone and now here he is starting in the first playoff game. Just when I start to think Charlie Manuel knows what he’s doing…
3.) These announcers are killing me. And David Aldridge as the sideline reporter? Are you kidding me? First, I thought he was a basketball guy and Second, was every possible female and then qualified male sideline reporter unavailable? I would rather have Uncle Miltie Street or Rick the Rock Santorum up there than…no. No, that is completely not true. My mistake.
4.) I am growing increasingly concerned that it will be the Red Sox and the Phillies in the World Series. It was my first thought this morning and my most recent thought two seconds ago. I’m a mess.
5.) Check out the “Into the Wild” soundtrack, featuring songs by Eddie Vedder. You know it’s what Jayson Werth was listening to earlier. You know it!


Ok, so you will not believe me when I say I don’t shop a lot, but here’s another new place, on the east side, to buy cheese. I love cheese!! (Remember the Christmas commercial, when the little girl says, “I gave him cheese,” and there are so many presents under the tree? Love that!)

Yesterday, I was in Sonny’s, getting my cheesesteak, which turned out to be quite disgustingly drippy, and the cashier told me about the new cheese shop in Old City. So I checked it out on my lunchbreak today. It’s the Old City Cheese Shop and Restaurant, at 160 N. 3rd. St. (215-238-1716) There’s one of those old-timey dangling signs out front, so you can’t miss it. I went inside to browse, and it’s pretty cute! The owner was gracious enough to walk me to the back, where he has a “garden seating” area, closed in by high walls of other buildings, but at least there’s some fresh air for the 6 or so tables and a little fountain. He told me all about movie nights on Wed. at 8:00, in the garden area, when they have tasting plates. It’s BYOB, they boast of weekend brunch, catering, cooking classes, eat in or take out. Today, the menu board featured panini, salads, soups, and quiche. I noticed their quiche of the day and the chef preparing some quesadillas right in front of me. ON the shelves were some gourmet-type products, bread, and other cheese accoutrements. And, of course, on display in the case, there it was – lots and lots of cheeses!

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