Septa raises token prices on Monday

Whoa! Did you hear? It seems that Septa is raising the prices of tokens effective Monday. I had heard rumors that this was going to happen, but it seems like the sort of thing that should take longer to go into effect. Tokens are my fare paying method of choice, so it seems that I’m going to need to get myself over to a vending machine sometime before Monday to get a few more tokens in at the old price.

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  1. robin (unregistered) on October 3rd, 2007 @ 3:31 pm

    Argh! I can’t believe them, or believe in them. They continue to disappoint. Thank goodness I hardly ever have to use SEPTA or depend on it, as many unfortunate people do. Here’s my latest beef with them – they removed the sometimes-working-but-better-than-nothing ticket machines. So, last Sunday, I go to get on from Market East to Crumme Lynne station (R2), and there are about 45 people in line, with 2 windows open at 12pm. Are they doing this so people will give up standing in line (or miss their train) and buy their ticket on the train – to make $2 extra per ticket? Luckily, I had a ticket left over from another day, so I didn’t have to pay the extra both ways. But really, why should I have to arrive 45 minutes early to buy a ticket when my ride is only a 1/2 hour??? WORST SYSTEM EVER!

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