Jimmy Rollins’ Entourage

In honor of Labor Day, I thought I would take a brief moment…before the BBQ’s & beers & lounging about lazily…to pay some mind to Jimmy Rollins, the hardest working player on the Phillies.

Coming into September, with the Phillies four games out of first place and holding a legitimate shot at making the playoffs, the status of the team has to be mildly suprising. I mean, this is a team that looked dead or just plain baffling like John from Cincinnatii. Nothing was working and if not for the glorious array of food at Citizens Bank Park, no one would have cared about the team at all.

But somehow, that all changed.

For most of the season, the latter two thirds at least, the Phillies have been suprisingly competitive and consistent…if nothing else consistent in their inconsistency. They keep us on our toes…like a midget at a urinal.*

That is except for Rollins.

Yes. Jimmy Rollins. Jimmy Rollins who hasn’t missed a game. Jimmy Rollins with the 25 homers, 80 RBI’s, and an avergae that has been hovering around .300 all season long.

Yes, that Jimmy Rollins.

Jimmy Rollins, the Entourage, of the Phillies. Always there. Sometimes a little flat, but most of the time, incredibly entertaining and reliable. Maybe you don’t talk about it like you do the others, but everyone knows about it. While other players like Ryan Howard (the Sopranos,) The Force That is Chase (Curb Your Enthusiasm,) Pat Burrell (Big Love,) Shane Victorino (Sex in the City,) and the Mighty Cole (the Wire) have been either injured, ineffective, or riding the bench, Rollins has stood tall, single-handily keeping the Fightin’ Phils in the race.

The Phillies are doing so well that there has even been talk of Charlie Manuel being named Manager of the Year. Yes. That Charlie Manuel.

But that Jimmy Rollins. He just gets it done. Day in a day out. He gets lost among the other hot NL shortstops, but that’s fine. We don’t need flash. We have Jayson Werth (Extras) for that. What Rollins gives the Phils is a center of balance, a center of gravity. At some point, the rest of the country will realize that.

But until that time comes, Rollins is all ours.

That’s important to remember.

* I’m not making fun of midgets, short people. A) This is a line from Austin Powers and B) I’m 5’6″. Who am I to make fun of little people.

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