Punk Rock Flea Market – Saturday!

Make sure to head over to head over to the Starlight Ballroom this Saturday between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm to check out all the cool stuff at R5 Productions’ semi-annual Punk Rock Flea Market. In addition to giving you chance to get great bargains and unique stuff, the flea market is an event that raises funds in order to help R5 pay for their incredibly high insurance bill (by attending the flea market, you help keep show ticket prices low).

The Starlight Ballroom is at 460 North 9th Street (On 9th Street Between Spring Garden and Callowhill. The event is open to all ages, but you have to be 21 to drink. They will be collecting a $3 donation at the door. In addition to the normal flea market stuff there will also be a full bar and food service kitchen to make the day go by a little faster.

The list of the 100+ vendors can be found after the jump.

TABLE #01 – Jeffrey Ziga
Records, clothes, a [working] computer, books, other stuff, drums, drum gear, posters, some LOTR collectible glasses and other things that i have but do not need anymore. PRICED TO MOVE.

TABLE #02 – stacie e george / mike quinn (no quarter records) / john rambo
Selling records, vintage clothes, vintage housewares, vintage jewelry, hardcore tshirts, posters

TABLE #03 and #3.5 – Beth a Fox
Old toys, housewares, clothing and some crafty stuff

TABLE #04 – Diabolikdvd.com
New and Used DVDs

TABLE # 05 – Sean Agnew / R5
12 boxes of old band shirts, about 500 LPs and 7″s , computer stuff, boxes upon boxes of old band posters, a bunch of radiohead stuff, TV, two lifetime passes and ten “ten show passes for 2007” (gets you into any show)

TABLE #06 and #07 – Jason W Huber
Screenprinted merch and apparel for those who crave originality, something for a loved one (or future loved one), or something for that rollergirl you’ve been wanting to impress…something for everyone

TABLE #08 – Jeffrey Patterson
My 700+ CD collection. Books, CD’s, etc

TABLE #09 – Erin Turner
Good OLD stuff! Clothes. Movies. Music. Housewares. Collectibles. Knick-knacks. Anything else we find in our house that we don’t want!

TABLE #10 – Geek Boy Press
Comics, artwork and t-shirts

TABLE #11 – Brookadelphia
Acrylic and sterling silver jewelry.

TABLE #12 – Joe DeCarolis
JOE AND MATT PRESENT: FRANK APPRAISAL OF YOUR LOOKS – $1 plus various odds and ends and some records

TABLE #12.5 – Eian t Weissman
Bicycle parts: stems, brakes, a frame or two. some zines and a few posters.

TABLE #13 and #14 – Tracy E Corado
myself: some records, tons of cds, female apparel (tops, skirts, dresses, pants, shoes!!), books, magazines, sentiments of a 20-something year old lady. my dad: some cds, tons of records, household goodies, movies. my best friend: female apparel, trinkets, books, fabulousness.

TABLE #15 – Jeanine Reed
Hand made purses, t-shirts, and bowls made from old records.

TABLE #16 – Jessica Sylvia
Everything you’d expect from a recent college graduate moving away from her hometown: old books, clothing, lamps, jewelry and perhaps a cookie or two. My friend is also going to take a third of the table for old records, hoodies and photographs.

TABLE #17 – Jonathan D Stothfang
Vintage clothing, books, records, epherma, knicknacks, etc

TABLE #18 – Michelle Pak, Darshana Borah, and Andy Gilligan
$1/$5/$10 bins of goodies and cute vintage clothing/shoes/handmade goods/prints carefully chosen and/or created by geflings.

TABLE # 19 – Megan Stephens
Vintage clothing, books, jewelry, bags and MORE!

TABLE #20 – Lana Press
Treasures! everything. meaning old cds, action figures, books, knick-knacks, clutter, lampshades, grandma’s old jewelery, etc. probably the cheapest table you’ll meet.

TABLE #21 – Jesse Nelson
Used Books, Used DVDs, Used CDs, and other stuff.

TABLE #22 – Hilary Price
Handmade canvas wallets

TABLE #23, 24, 25 – Sweet Jane & Dollypop Vintage / Sara J Ponsoll
Supreme Fashions for Guys and Gals from the 1950s through the 1980s – including, but not limited to: shirts, pants, skirts, dressses, lingerie, belts, shoes, boots, bags, hats, scarves, jewelry, housewares, and other brick-a-brack.

TABLE #26 and #27 – Jessica Evans
I will be selling everything from my website: belt buckles, purses, neck ties, pillows http://in-hope.com and my Boyfriend will be with me selling everything from his website belt buckles, prints on canvas, and necklaces http://underthebigtop.etsy.com

TABLE #28 – Joanna S Quigley
A LOT of used clothes and accessories (scarves/purses) which are in great shape, and VERY cheaply priced. Also cheap bags of crafting items, like lace, yarns, etc. In addition- homemade sketchbooks, cheap homemade buttons and painted tshirts which are all ONE of a Kind.

TABLE #29 – Julia R Petrino
Vintage and newer clothes, shoes, music equipment, silkscreened tee shirts and patches. Vegan baked goods and some orginal art work.

TABLE #29.5 – Pat Aulisio
Mini-comix and screen printed t-shirts

TABLE #30 – Pat Woods
Some old things, and some new. I will be selling prints (etchings, wood cuts, silk screened, etc.), as well as T shirts, Baby clothes, and Cards. I will also be trying to unload some of my old playstation video games, dvds, cds, records, and other things I have around my house.

TABLE #31 – Ryan T Bird
CDs, records, books, comic books, video games and gaming systems, computer hardware, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and all sorts of random ish!

TABLE #32 – Donna Freyman
Spraypainted tee-shirts and prints

TABLE #32.5 – colleencatherine.
Jewelry handmade from silver, knitted yarn, electrical wire and little animal creatures!

TABLE #33, 34, and 35 – Matthew r Sutter
Inkfinger.us: Screenprinted t-shirts, art prints, buttons, and other fun stuff. PushmePullyou Design: screenprinted rock posters, art prints, mugs, baby clothes, t-shirts, postcards, wallets and much more!

TABLE #36 and 37 – Leah Mackin
TABLE 1= Leah Mackin & Sean Reisman = prints, books, etc. from leahmackin.com, book safes & more from wellreadbooks.blogspot.com, a fine assortment of old clothes/flea market items (!!!!!) silent auction for the greatest/worst Smiths shirt ever!!!! TABLE 2= Nicole Eiland, Julianna Lose and Mike Ryan = prints, blank books, greeting cards, and tons of other fun flea market and printed/paper-y good items.

TABLE #38 – PhillySka.Com
PhillySka merch, CDs/merch from local ska bands, and a variety of used ska-related stuff.

TABLE #39 – Kylie P Grant
Vintage and reconstructed clothing along with hand printed tees by Kylie P. Grant and Kurt Hunte of Kinked Works

TABLE #40 Manufactured Dissent
Handcrafted products + records, clothes, art, etc.

TABLE #40.5 – Eric J Hansen

TABLE #41 – Leslie D Boyd
Homemade bags/wallets/purses, old records, old clothes, vegan goodies, pins.

TABLE #42 – Sasha F Parker
A large variety of colorful, bright, morbid and whimsical photo prints (SashaParker.deviantart.com) and antique ornaments from wooden owls to an iron “Old lady who lives in a shoe”.

TABLE #42.5 – Stokes b Robert
Hand screen-printed t-shirts. some new, some recycled tees.

TABLE #43 – Terence Bishop
PUNK ROCK AND SUBCULTURE STUFF: BOOKS, CONCERT DVDS, PINS, ETC… http://stores.ebay.com/bishopbrand

TABLE #44 – Eggplant Prime: Ariel Diliberto and Claire Liss
Secondhand clothing, housewares, and books; assorted sewing bric-a-brac; walk up haircuts; on-site minor garment alterations/trouser tapering; some sewn, stiched, crocheted and knitted wares

TABLE #44.5 Stephanie Spiller & Jess Lyons:
Hand crafted silver jewelry and other items created by two Philly artists.

TABLE #45 – Scott Beaudoin
Records from collection, previously worn band shirts and other clothing items. Other junk not needed.

TABLE #46 – The BubbleProcess.Com
Limited Edition Silk Screen Posters.

TABLE #47 – Kirsten a Teel
Functional ceramics as well as handmade ceramic jewelry, handmade bags, used clothes, records etc.

TABLE #48 – Caitlin Kuhwald
Prints of my paintings, packs of cards, zines, and original art work cheap.

TABLE #49 – Joy Manbeck
Everything from my closet….vintage shirts, old purses, old cuffs, some nick-nack type stuff, some old pants, shoes, etc. etc. etc.

TABLE #50 and #51 – Frederic Sherman
Vintage LP’s, 45’s & 12″ Singles

TABLE #52 – Joel Peterson
Screenprinted T-shirts, posters, and smoking paraphernalia for the distinguished smoker.

Silk screened posters posters posters in your face.

TABLE #54 – Erica A Rega
I will be selling a small selection of reconstructed vintage clothing and items made from vintage fabrics, as well as some paintings (mainly small acrylic on glass pieces) and etching/monotype prints.

TABLE #54.5 – Timothy O’Hanlon
Spray paint/stenciled tote bags and prints. old books.

TABLE #55 – Heidi, Rose and Alison
Cupcakes, clothes, some vintage gear, and the junk that is the white elephant for your circus

TABLE #56 Margie Politzer and Brett Tobias.
Old records, fanzines and a hooked up bicycle.

TABLE #57 – Jennifer Capozzi
Capozzi’s Cozzies will be selling Baked goods, home style and Italian cookies.

TABLE #58 – Charlotte M Hirst
Clothes, housewares and CD’s

TABLE #59 – Walter Weber
The Captain’s Vintage – Vintage t-shirts and more!

TABLE #60 – Viva Metal Jewelry
Handmade jewelry + de-stashing my apartment… gothy clothing & knick-knacks.

TABLE #61 – Lynn R DiDonato
Handmade screenprinted goods by Mintcar and miscellaneous flea market items.

TABLE #62 – Jen Norwood
desktop computer, vacuum cleaner, ikea loveseat (very good condition), ikea kitchen cart, snare drum, old band tshirts, cd’s, books, comic books, playstation games, maybe some girls clothes/shoes

TABLE #63 and 64 – Jeremy D Brown
Backpacks and Junk

TABLE #65 – Elizabeth MacDonald
My old clothes, shoes and jewlery.

TABLE #66 – Lauren Westenhiser
Hand printed items including shirts, dresses, and bags, plus old clothes, furniture, books, and other junk

TABLE #67 – Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Best T-Shirts and Prints Ever From Space 1026 Dude !

TABLE #68 – Monica Elder
Old cds and t-shirts, vintage dresses, hand made books.

TABLE #69 – Greg Van Brug
A collection of prints, t-shirts, zines, repurposed and handmade goods.

TABLE #70 – Natasha Green
We will be selling our handmade soy candles. They’re vegan and eco friendly.

TABLE #71 – Matt Barlett
Classic 80’s video games & toys

TABLE #72 – Brielle k Duym
Vintage clothing/shoes/ accessories. junk… also, handmade textiles.

TABLE #73 – Emily Truman
Vintage clothing and accessories, such as purses, hats, scarves, necklaces. funky/indie/vintage items.

TABLE #74 – Suelynne Remetio
Handmade sterling jewelry using glass, crystals, stones, and whatever else i can find to wrap silver around

TABLE #75 – Jennifer Kakoyannis
Illustrations: original framed art, as well as prints. Also, a few T’s w/ my designs on them.

TABLE #76 – Jill Ginsberg
Lots of old clothes & shoes, and random assorted fun things that i am sick of but other people won’t be. I also have some hand-silkscreened shirts & bags for super cheap. And i am sharing the table with a friend who creates beautiful pottery.

TABLE #77 – Daniel Weller
Books, books, books, DVDs, CDs, Video Games, various other odds and ends.

TABLE #78 – Kailey M Jenkins
Screen printed shirts & tote bags. Collage tables.

TABLE #79 – Jude & Amy Buffum
8-Bit plush, jewelry, and paintings/prints

TABLE #80 – Monica Mille
CDs, comics, screenprinted things

TABLE #81 – Urszula Nicewicz
Hand made Handbags & accessories

TABLE #81.5- Isaac Bushkin
Isaac Bushkin paintings and prints www.isaacbushkin.com

TABLE #82 – Jonathan Bagot
Underwear, NME crafts, t-shirts, zines

TABLE #83 – Kyle Schmidt
Screenprints, lithographs, etchings, non-silver prints & assorted textiles.

TABLE #84 and 85- Brandon m Seawell
Records, cds, childrens books, posters, books crafts, etc.

TABLE #86 – Adrienne Manno
New vintage inspired babydoll tops by *FEAST also: vintage swimsuits, other antique items

TABLE #87 – Nicole B Marks
Clothes, cds, jewelry, dvds, shoes, etc.

TABLE #88 – Jeremy D Lauder
Screen Printed T-shirts, Bags and Hoodies. Jewelery, ‘Zines and lots more!

TABLE #89 – Emily S Ianacone
Screenprinted shirts, maybe some knit goods and some old junk.

TABLE #89.5 – Kyle Nahrgang
Art, clothing, cupcakes

TABLE #90 Todd Marrone
Original artwork by Philadelphia pop artist, Todd Marrone. For more information and images: toddmarrone.com

TABLE #91 (half) Ghosticorn Apparel
Featuring hand-made, silk-screened art t-shirts printed on American Appare l

TABLE #92 – Maresa R Ponitch
High quality men’s and women’s vintage clothing and housewares.

TABLE #93 – Nicole D’Amico
Little Sparrows by Nickie D’Amico Handmade jewelry (check out my etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5090871) I’m also selling flea market-ish stuff too like books, clothes, CDs, and maybe a guitar.

TABLE #94 – Rahul Saggar
Hand made jewelry junk and scarves (from the 70s) that I found in my parents basement

TABLE #95- Meghan Yost
Odds, Ends, Crafts, Body Parts.. Just Kidding

TABLE #96 – Jennifer L Yaron
Jewelry, Handbags, Art, Cards, etc…

TABLE #97 – Gabrielle e Silverlight
Silk screened and hand painted t-shits, bags and other apparel

TABLE #98 – Joseph F Scharf
Punch Apparel – The Greatest T-shirt Store Ever!

TABLE #99 – Doctor Pizzoli / Peterdragontail / Salty Snacks
All selling comics, shirts, posters and other screenprinted nonsense. Also cds by the Badmaster Records label. Stop by for free buttons and drunken leers!

TABLE #100 – Sara e Littman
I will be selling T-shirts with stencils on them, water bottles, hand made prints, and a few other small stenciled items.

TABLE #101 – Helene E Jones
T-shirts Stickers Prints Canvas’

TABLE #102 – Marc Hummel
Books, shirts, art, stationary

TABLE #103 – Ryan D Friel
Cute crafts and gently loved things.

TABLE #104 – Kathleen A Duffy
Hand made /home made art. Such as: Paintings, sculptures, and crafts. As well as Cds and Tshirts.

TABLE #105 – Jenny Du
Vintage clothing and accessories, gently loved housewares and furniture, barely worn clothing and accessories, etc.

TABLE #106 – Michelle M Dela Paz
Goods of the handmade variety- Bags, Wallets, Jewelry, Whatevs. Vintage stuff, too.

TABLE #107 – Elizabeth Cocco E Cocco
Handmade silver jewelry as well as original paintings and baked goods.

TABLE #108 – Hobo Arona
Hobo Arona rescues the left-behind books (most of which date from 1890-1960) of the world, turning them from forgotten texts into usable art – as journals, albums, stationery, boxes, and more. Each piece is hand-selected for quality, quirk, and uniqueness, making hobo aronas one-of-a-kind pieces that will preserve your whatever forever. All of our journals and albums are hand-bound using only the finest materials. Our papers are acid free and made from 90% recycled content. They’ll stand up to sharpies on both sides, too!

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