SEPTA Roundup

Yee-haw, it’s a SEPTA roundup.

First, scariness at 30th Street Station yesterday, right around rush hour. My train was already late, then looked like it was going to a different track. Myself and my fellow R8ers milled between tracks 3 and 4 and then *SNAP*! The overhead cables on track 3 made a horrifying noise, followed by wobbling, clanging and general unease among passengers.

We boarded very late, and sat for a while. Conductors’ radios were abuzz with indiscernible but emergency-sounding chatter. Then our train moved extremely slowly out of the station. On the way out we passed the R7 Trenton Express train, and it didn’t look good. It barely made it out of the station and was sitting at a very odd angle.

I looked for news about this today but couldn’t find anything. Was anyone else there? I’m guessing the R7 either partially derailed or had a major cable malfunction. I’m sure all of the passengers on that train were oh so happy to be paying the recently jacked up fares.

I did find other SEPTA news, though. The EL will be shut down, yet again, between 40th and 60th until July 23rd. The usual shuttle bus replacement is in effect. There will be another similar shutdown August 10-27.

Then, there was a fire last night near the R6 Ivy Ridge station which shut down that particular regional rail line. It returned to normal operation this morning.

Finally, SEPTA made an agreement with PhillyCarShare where riders will be reimbursed for their fares as credits on their car share accounts. All of this was announced at a press conference that happened to take place at my home station, Chestnut Hill West. I saw the tents and flotilla of car share cars all set up yesterday morning and thought they were doing a promotion.

I joined PhillyCarShare myself a few months ago and it’s a great deal, especially with the reimbursement policy and lower rates about to go into effect. On Sunday I drove a funky little red and white Mini. Neat.

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