Those were the times…

It was a good run. It was. We had some laughs, created some great memories, and made some new friends. Lucky for us, the photo albums will last forever.

But now…well now it looks like it’s over.

What’s over?

Hmmm….let’s see. The career of Pacman Jones? check. The bubble that surrounds professional wrestling? check. Bush’s status as a lame duck president? check. The Phillies season? check.

Yes. I think it’s over. The Phillies gave us a good run, they did. We should remember that. It wasn’t long ago, before the NBA Draft and before we learned that yes, Dick Cheney is a shady as we all though, that the Phils were showing some life. They pulled within two games of the reeling Mets and it looked like they had finally gotten their act together. Ryan Howard has found his power stroke, Shane Victorino is providing reassurance as to why it was such a good idea to trade away Bobby Abreu, and Pat Burrell had finally found a position that fit him in Philly, on the bench.

But then the Mets came to town.

Yes, the Mets. The reeling Mets. The Mets, who a week ago were deemed a mess, just like their New York counterpart, the Yankees. The same Mets who read the quote from Jimmy Rollins during Spring Training, saying that the Phils, not the Mets, were the team to beat in the NL East. The Mets who are able to overcome adversity because of their depth and overall level of talent.

The goddamn Mets.

The Mets came to Philly on Friday and have quickly won three of four, while the Phillies, now the reeling Phils, have dropped to six games behind those hot Mets and have dipped down again to just…just above .500. After today’s game, they travel to Colorado (the dangerous Rockies) and then Houston (the just as dangerous Astros) before heading into the All Star Break.

So is the season done?

Not definately. There is still a lot of baseball to be played. There are still a lot of games against the Nationals and series against the Pirates and the Cardinals. But a quick look around the National League shows a lot of teams heating up just as the Philles are cooling down, and with the Wild Card looking to be be the only option for the Phils, that isn’t a good thing. The Cubs are starting to be as good on the field as they looked on paper, the Brewers are proving themselves to be for real, the Dodgers and the Padres are duking it out West, and the Braves are finally starting to hit the ball.

The Phillies?

Well, Howard has 18 homers and The Force That is Chase will probably be named the starting second baseman for the NL All Stars. Young Hamels continues to pitch well and Old Sage Moyer continues to pitch effective games. How old is he by the way? Is he collecting a pension AND a salary?

Good for him. I knew he was smart. That’s a St. Joe’s education right there!

The trading season is starting to heat up, but scanning the rumor mill, the Phillies are consistently absent, while the other teams I mentioned are all in the mix to fix any holes they have. But don’t the Phils have holes? You bet they do. So are they going to be active in the trade market? Doubtful. Not unless they can find someone to take Burrell, his lack of productivity, and his heavy contract or they decide to unload Aaron Rowand because they won’t be able to resign him in the offseason given the year he’s having (.313, 11 homers, 40 RBI’s.)

So is the Phillies season over?

Probably. But hey, look at the bright spots. Citizens Bank Park is easy to get to, tickets are cheap, and the food is good. Plus, we still get to watch Victorino gun runners out at home from deep in Right, Greg Dobbs prove himself more reliable than Wes Helms and Burrell combined, and Moyer casually flirt with no-hitters.

Plus the Phanatic is always good for a laugh.

Keep that in mind. As the season goes on, you’ll need that more than ever.

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