George Junior vetoes Stem Cell bill

If you agree with the President and his view on Stem Cell Research I think it imperative when cures are found you and yours not use them. What a hypocrite you would be if through the world wide work and search for curing disease, a cure is made from human stem cells, and you allowed you or your children to partake of the cure.

How could you, after denying others a possible recovery from illness, avail yourself of the healing broth from which you so arrogantly fought against. If you drink the devil’s blood you may as well have eaten his flesh. By your own word and actions you would surely be doing pure evil by accepting help from these cures and so you would be damned.

Seriously though, you will already be damned because you prevented helping the sick and afflicted. You are in the position of being damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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