Scary Thunderstorms

As someone with a more than slight fear of thunderstorms yesterday was not so much fun for me. I also failed to don proper footwear and bring an umbrella because Sue Serio told me the rain would not start until drive time. Flip-flops are not ideal thunderstorm wear, especially when taking the trolley. I was forced to step in a large deep puddle of what can only be described as trolley slime. Throughout my wait at 30th street and subsequent ride home my feet slowly dried and crusted over with said slime.

It could have been worse, though. In fulfillment of my worst thunderstorm fears, a young boy in Cherry Hill was actually hit by lightning. He was knocked out and his clothes caught fire. Thank goodness a neighbor happened to look out their window and see the poor kid. He’s in critical condition and I think I may have upgraded to a full on phobia.

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