The definitive farmers’ market guide

I’m going to state right now that the Inquirer article I’m about to link to is nearly a week old. However, in my defense, word on the street is that most of you out there aren’t really reading the Inky these days, so hopefully this will be news to you.

Last week was a bit crazy for me, and so I didn’t get a chance to look at last Thursday’s Food Section until this morning. As I flipped through, I realized that it had an article that was both interesting and valuable to me (and I’m guessing to many of the rest of you out there). They devoted the bulk of that flimsy section to the farmers’ markets that have sprung up around the city in recent years. They covered the different locations around the area, and printed a guide to all the markets, as well as the dates and times that they are open.

Being a food lover, especially one who enjoys the grocery shopping portion of the cooking experience, I adore farmers’ markets. They make me feel connected to my food and the people who produce it in a way that you just can’t get at Acme (or even Trader Joe’s). So I frequent them whenever I can, and love that I now have an easy list of all the markets in and around Philly.

So I hope you’ve forgiven me this old news, but hopefully it’s been helpful to a few of you out there.

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