Philly Film Fest Ballots Results Up

Every person who attends a movie at the Philadelphia Film Festival is handed a ballot upon entrance to the theater. After the screening is over, you are asked to rate the film by tearing the ballot on a 1-5 scale, 1 indicating that the film was poor and 5 being the best rating you can give. I’ve always wondered what they did with those ballots as tallying them seems like a monumental task.

Well, apparently the folks behind the Philly Film Fest like those monumental tasks (or they’ve got a stable of interns doing data entry) because they posted the results of the ballots on their website. You can find the complete list here. It’s sort of fun to go and see what other people thought of the movies you saw, although I’m a little stunned to see that people thought Crazy Love was so good. I thought it was just sort of crazy.

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