Philadelphia Zombie Survival Part Four

So maybe you are in your car, maybe mowing your lawn, maybe preparing some dinner, or taking a girl out for a bit to eat with the hope of a little something, something later on, and that’s when you see the first one. A persons first sighting of a zombie can be one of the most terrifying experiences of your life. Studies have shown that people tend to drop into a state of shock and this is the worst thing you can do for yourself and the safety of those you care about.

Stay calm and get indoors. Call the authorities, if they already no there will be a recorded message instructing you on what to do, if not you may very well have just saved hundreds of lives. One of the primary mistakes people make when faced with a zombie outbreak is to assume that the authorities already know. Don’t assume. It makes an ass out of you and possibly kills people in the process. Make the call.

If the authorities already know, a recording will play advising you to make your way to the closest survival center, which will be detailed in the recorded message. These centers are spaced evenly about the city and are prepared to accept you, protect you and if need be transport you to a safer location.

This all brings us to actual movement during an infestation crisis. You will of course want to transport yourself to the survival center as soon as possible. Once again please remain calm. Gather your loved ones and pack some necessary belongings (your entire Elvis LP collection is not a necessity) and find a mode of transport. SEPTA will not be running so you will need to find a car or another mode of transportation. Don’t have one? Contingency plans are being worked on but as of right now your best bet is to stay indoors or take a ride on SCREWED.

Tomorrow will continue Part 4 with some recommendations on transports.

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