Running Phillies Diary..

It’s the top of the sixth right now in Atlanta, with the Phillies leading the Braves. 5 to 3. So far it’s been a good game, fun to watch. Cole Hamels, after a rocky first, has started to settle down and is pitching with the air of someone who is in that “master of their domain” mindset.

Sitting here, digesting a grilled cheese*, I’ve had a couple thoughts on the Phillies and the game:

– Aaron Rowand is on fire right now and moving him up the order (even if it is because Shane Victorino has the night off) is perhaps the best move Charlie Manuel has made all year. Rowand is hitting everything right now and he seems like a natural fit in the 2 hole. But I feel this thought is largely based on my fostering hatred for Victorino. I’m not sure if it’s because the goofy look on his face in his team picture or his batting helmet, but I can’t stand Svic. Earlier in the game, the announcers were talking about how Braves’ superstar Andruw Jones will be a free agent at the end of the year, and what a catch he’d be. Well…(Pat Burrell, who I still totally believe in, just hit into an inning ending double play after the Braves intentionally walked Ryan Howard)…this got me thinking that you know, Jones, would be the perfect way to fix the Phillies. It’s never too early to start looking to the future and the Phillies need to drastically find a way to excite their fans. Jones would be the kind of mega free agent signing that the Phils missed out on this past offseason when Alfonso Soriano signed with the Cubs. Just imagine a 3-4-5 barrage of Chase Utley, Howard, and Andruw Jones. This would put Victorino back on the bench where he’d be better suited anyway. It’s simple. win-win-win.

– Cole Hamels has 5 strikeouts in the last three innings and his change-up is as active as Nailz’ cat Izzy is when I try to vacuum. Wait…another strikeout. Nope. It hit the ground. Managers meeting. Charlie storms out of the dugout like the pissed old neighbor, angry because you just hit a wiffle ball in his backyard. You’re not really scared of him, more annoyed than anything else. Somehow he always manages telling you old war stories…

– I like Wes Helms. I think he’s a solid player…oh man, when the Atlanta grounds crew comes running out, they play a bugle over the P.A. They call them the cavalry. Amazing.

– The announcing team is okay. Kind of dull and uneventful. They seem to missing anecdotes. Anecdotes are really the key to a good announcing team, regardless of the (Rod Barajas just hit a shot to left…home run) sports, is the right anecdotes that lead to fun banter. These guys, they’re not much for the banter and while I appreciate that they are all business, the occasional fun, old man banter is pretty entertaining. Jerry Remy, the color guy for NESN which broadcasts Red Sox games, is an expert at this kind of banter. His timing is great too. He always knows when to when go off the beaten path and lighten the mood…and that is HUGE. Really. I think this is something Comcast should think of. Right off the bat, I could think of a few former Phillies who would make good color guys: Lenny Dykstra, John Kruk (if they could lure him away from ESPN…doubtful) and maybe…well I don’t know, man. I’ve only been here 8 months (cue sarcastic comment about how I have no idea what I’m talking about…)

– Wes Helms. He’s gritty. He just made a great grab at third, prompting the following conversation from my roommates Big White and Nailz.
Big: Did you see that? That’s talent right there.
Nailz: Who’s that?
Big: Wes…Wes Hel…I don’t know.

– I still don’ understand Brett Myers’ role in the Phillies bullpen. I mean, he was their ace supposedly and was the opening day starter. Then, after struggling some, they moved him to the bullpen, but unlike other teams who have tried similar moves, don’t make him the closer. I assume that Big Charlie was thinking about maybe the Red Sox’s success with Jonathan Papelbon or how other teams are magically creating closers. But making him a set-up man? Seriously. Everytime I hear this I wonder if this is an elaborate stunt on Punk’d and I sit waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out. While doing this, I wonder what I would then throw at him. Right now, I’m thinking some of Nailz’ sociology books.

– Oh nice, Big Charlie just got tossed for arguing a balk. Now that’s some fire!!! Eat that Howard Eskin. Charlie’s got balls now, arguing something he knows he’ll get ejected for. Man. Things are changing now!

– Chase is also on fire right now. On the other hand, Ryan Howard is as hot as the Phanatic’s dance moves. His current at bat prompted this conversation:
Nailz: But his batting average is only .215, and he’s supposed to be so great
Big: He’s a power hitter.
Nailz: So?
Big: He either strikes out or hits the long ball.

Yeah. Good point. Remember when he hit the long ball?
Ah…memories. I’m sure if you hit a wiffle ball into Big Charlie’s backyard, you’d hear all about it.

* the secret being Old Bay seasoning. try it. it’ll be a hoot.

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  1. Colin (unregistered) on May 2nd, 2007 @ 5:09 pm

    Why do you waste your time writing such crap on a public group blog? Save this shit for your personal blog so none of us have to skip over it.

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