Philadelphia Zombie Survival Part Two

As Matt pointed out earlier we live in a prime zone for a zombie outbreak. Coming home from Cape May yesterday Kelly Ripa greeted me coming across the bridge advising me that there are over 100 specialist doctors at Cooper Medical. That’s one medical facility, with the amount of medical facilities that Philadelphia has and all the unknown experimentation that is more than likely happening a zombie outbreak is poised to happen at some point in the near future.

I myself am considered somewhat of an expert on the subject, as I have taken part in many a zombie slaying as a member of a police task force in Racoon City. I have also reported on the recent Midwest outbreaks, having survived three days in a mall with them. I have watched all the required viewing, as well as own the Zombie Survival Guide written by Max Brooks. So I feel I know what I am talking about.

In the event of an outbreak we will need to identify two things. One what type of zombie is it? Are the zombies viral or voodoo? That’s right there are two types of zombies. The more common zombies are the ones portrayed classically by George Romero, and these are viral zombies. While Romero portrays his zombies as slow moving, this is not always the case (see 28 Days Later, or the Dawn of the Dead remake). The other type of zombie is the voodoo zombie. These zombies are re-animated via the dark arts and can be controlled unlike viral zombies. A prime example of a voodoo zombie can be seen in the terrible sequel to Weekend at Bernie’s. Once the zombie type has been identified then the level of crisis needs to be determined.

Max Brooks has stated that there are four levels of crisis. Level one and two are minimal outbreaks. These outbreaks happen everyday, we just don’t hear about them. A level three outbreak is where the scary stuff begins. The zombies will number in the thousands and will encompass the entire city. A level three outbreak is manageable, yet very serious, and an emergency plan for a level three crisis will be handled in this feature. If the crisis level has to be raised to level four the world itself will be changed as the zombies will outnumber the uninfected. We shall also touch on surviving during a level four crisis. Come back tomorrow for the third part of our feature, when we will discuss the base of operations, The Spectrum.

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  1. Jeff (unregistered) on May 1st, 2007 @ 2:21 am

    shaun of the dead was also a pretty good zombie movie-

  2. brady (unregistered) on May 1st, 2007 @ 8:34 am

    I’m intrigued.

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