We Are Mean People

I should be working, but I am not entirely motivated and decided to see what was going on over at philly.com. Turns out not so much, but one link caught my eye, Why I Remain a Virgin at 26. During my initial scroll down I saw the little blurb and thought “because you are ugly and can’t get laid.”. After seeing that nothing was going on that I was interested in I scrolled back up and clicked on the link to read what the article was all about. I figured it wouldn’t be someone lamenting about how they were ugly and couldn’t get laid.

After reading the well thought out article, I am sad. Not because she hasn’t found someone to share herself with but more because my initial thought was exactly how many people were reacting to her article in the comments section. There is nothing shameful about her still being a virgin and all those that posted demeaning comments about her should feel sad too. They should feel sad because we are mean, mean people at least I already knew that about me.

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