Philly Film Critic Jumping to Conclusions?

Philadelphia Inquirer’s film critic Carrie Rickey came to some conclusions about the similarities between the Virginia Tech Massacre and a Korean film entitled Oldboy, written up on her blog Flickgrrl. Her conclusions are drawn seemingly from a picture (shown below) that has possible similarities to a scene from the Korean film. Being that Cho Seung-Hui hails from Korea probably helped her come to the conclusions, unfortunately, at least in my opinion, she is way off.

I’ve seen Oldboy and I am assuming she did too, although she does say she couldn’t stomach the film, and as Dan, a commenter on her blog, said “Oldboy is a film that promotes the message that revenge is an entirely futile act.” I didn’t much like the film, I found it disturbing but in an entirely different way than how I was disturbed by the VA Tech massacre. Maybe this is where she is drawing her comparisons at.


Much like Florida lawyer Jack Thompson drew unfounded conclusions that videogames caused this massacre, Rickey is drawing conclusions that just aren’t there. In her defense, she does say that she feels that we shouldn’t shift the blame to the films because it would directly violate our free speech but her comparisons between Seung-Hui’s actions and Oldboy, as well as her theory that Netflix may be taking advantage of the situation by recommending Oldboy to foreign film viewers is a little too over the top for me. Carrie, Netflix recommended Oldboy to me five months ago, well before this giant tragedy.

The real problem here isn’t that Rickey made an opinion known on her own blog. It is the fact that people will read her post and spout it as fact, shifting the blame from the murderer to the makers of a film. I saw Grindhouse a couple weeks ago, If I happen to get in a car accident and kill some people, yet I live ala Death Proof, will people be blaming Quentin Tarantino? I hope not because it would be my fault and my fault alone, just like Cho Seung-Hui is solely responsible for his actions which have put the nation in mourning.

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