Cafe Spice Weekend Buffet

I caught 12 noon film fest screening today with a couple of friends. I liked the movie (Diggers, with an adorably scruffy Paul Rudd), although Cindy and Lara didn’t feel quite as fondly towards it as I did. Afterwards, we were in agreement about one thing, and that was that we needed to get some lunch. We headed up 2nd Street, with the intention of going to the Continental (somehow, I’ve never managed to eat that local, although I’ve been to the 18th Street branch more often than I care to admit), when we were stopped in our tracks by the sign outside of Cafe Spice.

It announced that they were offering a buffet for $13.95. With this you also got a free mimosa or bloody mary. (I would never actually just order a mimosa off a drink menu, but when one is offered to me for free, I am hard-pressed to turn it down). A quick glance at each other confirmed that this sounded awesome and so we went in. And it was so good. I count myself among the legion who still mourn the loss of Minar Palace, and while this weekend buffet doesn’t totally make up for their absence, knowing that there is a source of Chicken Tikka Masala that is spicy and saucy and very nearly identical (if not slightly better) to Minar Palace’s makes my world just slightly better.

Of course, I encountered the basic problem you always run into at buffets, which is that because you are allowed to go back for more, you then feel obligated to have seconds. After my first plate I was already deadly full, and made the most mature decision of the week, which was to forego the second trip, despite the fact that the bargain hunter in me was shouting, “Go on, stuff yourself! You paid for it!” But it was a tough call, because I really wanted just a few more bitefuls of that Chicken Tikka Masala.

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  1. Frank (unregistered) on April 7th, 2007 @ 5:29 pm

    I love Cafe Spice…but it can be expensive. So, a $13.95 price…nice…at Spice. I like their Chicken Tikka (I’ll forgo the Marsala sauce sometimes) and Shrimp Curry. Yum. I might have to go for some Indian food now. Ate with some Indian friends at Baluchis in NYC (89th and 2nd) the other night. Nice little neighborhood Indian restaurant…I love that kind of food.

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