very much lost…

I am deep, deep, deep within the throes of addiction. It’s terrible.
My addiction? AM Talk Radio. Specifically KYW.
I know I have already written about this. But it’s getting serious. I’m serial.
Last night I went in to brush my teeth. We have a clock radio, it sits on the toilet, and it’s tuned to 1060am KYW. Every time I walk, no matter what I’m doing, I turn it on. I get snippets on news, traffic, weather. It’s great. I am very informed. Constantly. Honest.
But last night when I turned on the radio, it was static. Now sometimes I have to listen to my beloved traffic reports through showers of static, but I’m resigned to it. It doesn’t bother me. However, only static does bother me. I got concerned. I stopped brushing teeth and tried to tune the radio properly, to 1060. I couldn’t find it. I got worried and concerned.
I found something though and it sounded like news. Good enough, I thought. I was tired and went to bed.
But it’s now Day 2 and the madness continues.

I just went in the bathroom to grab some water and when I turned on the radio, it was chalk full of religion and chalk empty of news. I had strayed. I was not informed. I panicked. What was the traffic? What would the weather be in three hours? How had the Phillies down yesterday in Spring Training because that kind of information matters to me?
I leaned down to try to fix it again, but as I did, I caught a glimpse of outside through the blinds. I see sun!
Timeout, it’s nice outside. Blogs can wait. News radio can wait.
When news radio lets you down, I say make news radio-ade and go sit outside.

ALBUM OF THE WEEKEND: Skittish/Rockity Roll Mike Doughty
NCAA THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I wouldn’t want to play UCLA.
TEAM I DISCOVERED I HATE WHILE WATCHING THE TOURNAMENT: Ohio State. Their best player has the constant look of a pothead in the wrong gym class, and their coach had a suspicious name (Thad Matta) and looks like a monster. A monster possibly named Thad Matta.
SANDWICH OF THE WEEK: Flack Steak Sandwich, Bishop’s Collar.

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