Beach Race Track

This conversation happened on Wednesday…

My phone rang. It was my sister Erin.

Me: Hey.
Erin: What’s happening?
Me: Nothing, dude. Driving to class. Yo, driving on Kelly Drive is tough.
Erin: It’s fast.
Me: I know. That’s what I like about it. You have really be on your toes. But dude, it’s hard when it’s nice out.
Erin: Why? Because of all the people?
Me: Yeah. I want to look at all of them, but I have to concentrate on driving. Tough choice to make.
Erin: Kelly Drive is like a race track.
Me: I know. A race track. But when it’s nice like this, it’s like driving on a race track which is on a beach. A beach-race track.

But that happened Wednesday. Back when it felt like spring was coming. Now I’m huddled up in my apartment watching hours and hours of basketball wondering if summer will ever come.

Final Four Prediction: Oregon, Pittsburgh, Georgetown, Memphis
Championship: Georgetown over Oregon.
My roommate Nailz’ cat Izzy’s picks: Miami (Ohio,) Kansas, Belmont, UPenn
Championship: Kansas over UPenn.

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