John’s Fed Up With Crime

This isn’t really timely as I saw it last night but it is still making me laugh today thinking about it. Fox 29 ran a little promo for their 10 O’clock news program towards the end of the comedy ‘Till Death. The promo was to highlight the current situation on crime in the city and how the District Attorney doesn’t think John Street is doing enough but that’s not how I took it.

The shot opens and the anchor standing in the studio shoots off the line, “Mayor Street says he’s fed up with crime but the District Attorney says that just isn’t enough.”. While the statement itself isn’t particularly amusing the image I had in my head was. It was like something out of a political cartoon that you would see in the editorial section.

I envisioned Mayor Street standing there saying “I’m fed up with crime.” and then looking all smug like he did his job. He’s fed up with crime, no real plan needed to stop the crime because John says he’s fed up so all crime shall now stop. I know that is not how it was meant to be taken but I was in hysterics with that image in my head last night.

Oh and did anyone else see the actual news story, which showed the police officers in military formation and Mayor Street walking amongst their lines? Did they look like SS troops and Street a little like Hitler or am I just crazy? (It’s all right if you think I am just crazy because I am.)

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