Local Girls Doing Bad to Weird on Idol

I’ll freely admit it; I am a giant dork and watch American Idol. While I am not so much a fan of the music I love the competition aspect of the contest and really who doesn’t love Simon. Anyway there are two rather local contestants and I use the word local loosely here because despite being listed as coming from Philadelphia, PA, FOX news reveled Nicole Tranquillo comes from Wernersville, PA. The other “local” contestant, Antonella Barba, is from Point Pleasant, NJ. While Nicole obviously deserved to be in the semi-finals based on her highlight tapes why Antonella is on the competition is a mystery to me. Let’s start with the bad.

As I said I am not sure how the judges passed Antonella Barba through to the semi-finals but her rendition of Aerosmith’s only #1 song, I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, was disastrous. The judges have stressed song choice for years now and this song was way over the top for Antonella. In my opinion she was the worst performer of the night. Nicole Tranquillo on the other hand was something different all together. Nicole sang Stay; mixing versions of Erykah Badu and Chaka Khan, what was belted out just came out odd. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t good and the strangest thing about it was that it wasn’t even just OK, instead it was weird. On a night when a couple other performers were worse Nicole Tranquillo should be breathing a sigh of relief or at least she should be after tonight. Antonella Barba though will most likely be packing her bags and wishing she had picked another song.

On a national note, while no front runners emerged out of the guys group on Tuesday the girls had two that were in another league entirely, Brentwood, TN backup singer Melinda Doolittle and Fort Meade, MD single mother, bank teller Lakisha Jones. There is a very real chance that one of these two could be your next American Idol.

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