Another reason Wawa rules all


This morning wasn’t as bitter cold as the past few days have been, so I took the opportunity to actually go outside during lunch today. My plan was to walk over to Wawa and just grab a medium soup and a roll. However, they still had all the breakfast foods out, and I was immediately drawn to their newest item: pancake sizzli.

Just the other day, someone on Consumating started a conversation, stating that the McGriddle is the “tastiest fast food breakfast item ever.” Now, that might be a good sandwich, but Wawa sizzlis are far superior. I thought, well, if Wawa were to make a McGriddle-type sizzli, that would be something to write home about!

Did they read my mind? Or am I just that deeply in tune with the inner workings of the sizzli development team?

Either way, one quickly became my lunch, and I must say: this is the tastiest, most disgusting, sandwich ever created. Throwing out the fact that I haven’t eaten meat in over a week, I picked up the sausage/egg/cheese pancake sizzli, with a complementary side of syrup. I dipped each bite and the thing was gone in about five minutes.

My stomach is turning, but my mouth is oh-so-very happy.

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