Cold and Wet

Ah, sunshine!

The past couple days have been pretty uncomfortable, haven’t they?

Just yesterday I was trying to figure out how to navigate the giant pools of slush at every intersection, and today the sun is shining brightly. (I haven’t stepped outside yet though. Are the slush lakes still out there?)

Anyway, this would have been a much more timely photo yesterday (I took it on Tuesday), but I am only getting to it now. Sorry for the reminder of the dreary and cold weather of this week!

My husband was with me when I was taking pictures, and he commented “but these aren’t even good pictures”. Since he wasn’t actually seeing the pictures after I took them, I this to mean he couldn’t understand why I was taking pictures on such an ugly day. But you know, it wasn’t ugly to me. Then again, I grew up in Massachusetts and he grew up in Florida, so we have different concepts of what winter should look like!

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