And we thought we were going to have a mild winter

How’s everyone holding up in the face of this nastily cold weather? According to NBC10 and Glen “Hurricane” Schwartz the temperature in Philadelphia hasn’t gone above freezing since last Saturday and it looks like we’ve got another day of frigid temperatures before the daytime high just barely brushes by 32 degrees.

Personally I’m ready for slightly less painful temperatures. I’m tired of wearing the most unflattering coat in the world that leaves me looking like an uncooked pork sausage with electrically charged hair. When I go inside after walking somewhere my hair is standing on end and I look like I’m ready for a very large grill.

I feel like if it’s going to be this cold, that we should get something in return, like a nice, cozy snow day. PhillyWeather says that there’s a chance we’re going to get some snow this weekend, but that the conditions have to be just right in order for it to happen.

How are people feeling about the weather? Lovers or haters, we want to hear from you.

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