The Go Ahead, stopped?!?!

Oh snap! Not only did I forget to mention that the Go Ahead had a show last night at the Arena sports bar last night, but I also forgot to go! But fate plays funny tricks on you sometimes. Some Canadian chick once said, “Life has a funny way of helping you out,” and this was one of those occasions. The Go Ahead didn’t get to play last night because, get this: THEY JUST LOST THEIR DRUMMER! Quoth the band…

Mr. James Sewell, to the lovely tropical climate of Buffalo, NY.

Jen asked me if I’d kindly spread the word, because, as any musician knows, it’s hard to find a good drummer these days. If you think you’re up to the challenge, go visit their website, which is conveniently called The Go to grab all the info.

Also, per said website…

Here’s what the Go Ahead is looking for:

The Go Ahead are looking for a drummer… again (seriously, it’s not our fault, we just have bad luck).

About Us

  • We do not play covers. So don’t ask.
  • As a result of not playing covers, we do not make any money. Ever.
  • Our music is loud. Our amps go to eleven. If you don’t like loud music, this band is not for you.
  • We don’t take ourselves seriously. We’re not careful, or subtle; we’re not angsty; we’re not pretentious. Which brings us to our next bullet point…
  • We do not play “Emo.” Please do not refer to us as “Emo.” We are tired of “Emo” and we wish it would go away.
  • We like to practice. Call us crazy, but we feel more comfortable when we know all the songs before we play a show.
  • Finally, we’re not drummers. We recorded a CD with our old drummer, and we like him. You can listen to what he did, and that should help you figure out the songs.

About You

  • You own your own drum kit.
  • You can play said drum kit.
  • You like to rock.
  • You have no desire to play covers or make any money whatsoever.
  • You would like to play 2-3 shows per month and practice occasionally.
  • You don’t mind loud music.
  • You are eighteen years of age or older (sorry kids).

If the above describes you, please e-mail us today.

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  1. Jay V (unregistered) on January 21st, 2007 @ 8:35 pm

    Update: Jen just called me a jerk.

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