If this is how the settlers lived, they didn’t have it so bad

Last weekend Sherri and I took a weekend getaway to the Settlers Inn in Hawley, PA. Now, there isn’t a lot in Hawley, and there isn’t a lot in the way of excursions nearby. What Hawley does have, though, is a top-notch bed and breakfast a five-star restaurant within walking distance called Torte Knox.

Here’s a review that was published last year in the New York Times.

It’s an easy drive from Philly; the MapQuest direction work, the only tricky part being where you’re already on 209N, 80E merges with it and they become the same road, then 80E peels off again while you stay on 209N until you reach 402.

We arrived around 8:30, which gave us enough time to drop off our bags and make it into the dining room in time to be seated for dinner. Thank God. I’d had a bloody long day and Sherri had a long day putting up with me and mine, and while the bar food sounded good, I really wanted dinner. I had the steak and Sherri had the rosemary lamb, which were both excellent.

The next morning we took a walk around town, bought some champagne and watched Take the Lead on DVD while we waited to go to dinner.

How to describe Torte Knox…it’s a bank, or it was a bank. I think the building outside had a block that said the original building was built in 1902. The safe door is still there, and the place has an elegant but cozy feel to it. Sheelah Kaye-Stepkin, the owner and chef, did much of the cooking right in front of us, and asked, “How did you like it?” with a big smile when Sherri and I weren’t gushing to each other about how good it was. Most memorable: the lobster lattle appetizer, and the strawberry pepper sorbet. Sherri found the latte too fishy, but to me it was perfect. I didn’t see why you would throw pepper into a sorbet, even if did taste good; Sherri loved it.

Once in a lifetime experience, would go and do the exact same weekend over again.

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