Tonight at the World Cafe Live

I’m t3h excited because tonight Faye and Shay share a stage, once again. they’re also joined by FBN in the upstairs room, starting at 8pm. WTF, you’re asking? Well LET ME TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IKE’s John Faye, formerly is still kicking acoustic rock arse! Tonight is an acoustic night, and the former Caulfield’s frontman will be dishin’ out more of the hits in the same building from which David Dye broadcasts.

Laura Shay, the pop pianist with influences from Tori Amos and the Counting Crows. as well as that Canadian girl, has recently dropped her band and is once again a solo pianist, heartfelt and just a touch out of whack in her songs. She’s a beauty, but don’t tell my girlfriend I said that cuz she’ll kick my butt.

I met Fire By Night two years ago, when they were hosting an open mic at a coffee place halfway to Berlin, NJ. They invited my punk band to play an acoustic set (and of course, like any punk band, they played full electric at full distortion and fuller volume) too. Since then, the acoustic-bluesy-rockish group have switched bassists and drummers, and added a percussionist to the roundup, and as laid-back as you can make acoustic rock are about as well as you can describe FBN. I only know Eric and Mike from the band, so the other three don’t get no love in this post. But hey, it’s all good, right?

Check them all out tonight at WCL. It’s Fire By Night’s CD release party, and CD release parties are always a good time.

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