I Love the Crazies

Yesterday while at the scenic Olney Transportation Center, I witnessed a very…happy man. Unstable, even. He had on headphones, could not hit a note to save his life, but was singing so loudly it was heard clearly over the noise of the buses. And by George he was having a good ole time. I wasn’t mad at him. As I boarded the bus, people were making comments such as “I hope he’s not getting on THIS bus.” But, I wanted to defend this man. It was early morning, the rest of us were cranky because we were on our way to work and still weren’t fully awake. He was singing his heart out and having the time of his life. Someone had it right. So I stepped to his defense. “At least he’s singing a good song.” And indeed he was: Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody.” I’m going to download that song today to see if I also experience such feel-good effects. Perhaps you’ll find me performing at a SEPTA stop near you.

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