Wifi and Waffles

The other day, I met up with other members of Potterdelphia (my Harry Potter group, for those not in the know) to continue planning out details for this winter’s coming Yule Ball. We decided on Bonte for a few reasons: near Washington Square, close to PATCO and SEPTA, tasty coffee, very tasty waffles, and free wifi access.

Ever since I finally got a wireless G card for my laptop, I’ve been on the lookout for places in the city offering free wifi access, and Bonte does not disappoint. I grabbed a table for our group near the back corner, right near the outlet, because my laptop battery is utter crap. I found the network quickly and easily, and after a minor glitch with my card settings, I was able to check my gmail, log onto our meetup.com site, view the group’s flickr photos, and refresh refresh refresh Harry and the Potters‘ news page until the announcement finally posted.

Between my cell phone and (now) my wireless card, I don’t know how I ever held meetings like this without technology. And with waffles! Oh man, if you haven’t had the waffles at Bonte yet, I suggest you get over there (with your laptop) and order one… the blueberry and banana one is quite scrumptious.

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