Old Stranger at City Limits this Saturday

If you live in the bucks county side of philly, you’ll wanna read this:

So, Morrsville, PA is up by where I live. And a few months ago I met this guy Cort who plays guitar, and he had that acoustic 90’s rock thing going on. He really digs Pearl Jam and I forget who else off the top of my head, but anyway his influences are pretty admirable, not like my list which includes Matchbox Twenty. Anyways, he and this guy Chris joined together to form an acoustic rock duo called Old Stranger. They got a gig at City Limits, right around where Morrisville meets Trenton.

At the same time I posted an ad on Craigslist (asking bands to let me know when they’re playing), Cort emailed me to tell me about his show on Saturday. I got the email about three hours later (I can’t check all my emails from work), and while I was replying to his email, Chris sent me one in reply to the Craigslist.

It’s like some strange coincidence that all this was going on, and now when I go home today I have to add them as friends on my MySpace. (I can’t access MySpace from work either.)

Old Stranger proclaims to sound like the Grateful Dead, like Jack Johnson. Their show is at City Limits Bar & Grille in Morrisville, PA. I don’t know what the cover is, but I’d suggest checking them out that night. Walk up to them and let them know you heard about the show from here. And let me know how cool they are. I’ll be stuck at a wedding reception getting drunk and dancing till my feet blisters have blisters.

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  1. melyni (unregistered) on October 4th, 2006 @ 2:07 pm

    you better dance!!!!! pwetty pwease?

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