Happy Mouth

This afternoon I found myself standing in the aisle closest to the refrigerator case in the Chung May market in Chinatown. I was studying the assorted soba noodle options, trying to figure out which bulk pack was the best buy, when an older woman wearing a straw hat and crooked pink lipstick turned into the aisle and said, “With a name like that, I just have to buy them!”

I looked up at her first word, and realized she was holding out a package and walking towards me. I forced my eyes to focus on the moving container of cookies and saw that the name she was referring to was “Happy Mouth.” I smiled and said, “that is a great name, I hope you enjoy them!”

She looked at me agasted and said, “I’m not going to eat them, they’re for a little girl!” She was affronted that I would even suggest that she’d consume them herself. As she walked away, I heard her mumble, “well, I may try one, just to see what they’re like.”

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