MASTER Lock?! BAH!!!

Many months ago, when the Philly Metroblogging group decided to have their first meetup, I went, along with co-teammate and podcast cohort and all around sidekick Brady Hicks. We both work over the river, in Cherry Hill and Pennsauken, respectively, and decided it would be easier if we both took the PATCO line into Philly. So we did.

Not as many months ago, when my cousin got married in Fremont, CA, I went with my buddy-who-had-introduced-me-to-emo Nicole and I went to Berkeley. We took the BART and passed the stadium where the Oakland Raiders play, and I bought two t-shirts at a place called 510. One fits me and the other’s too big.

I wish I had kept either of those cards, because apparently, as San Fran MetBlogger violet blue points out (complete with pictographics, for those English-challenged) how to pick a Master lock with one of these. Actually, I wonder if these things work with a SEPTA pass. I haven’t ridden SEPTA via bus or train pass for nearly ten years.

Beware, bike riders across the city, for I have exposed a secret the MasterLock Company, LLC does not want you to know! Also, beware high schoolers, for I have exposed a secret the MasterLock Company LLC does not want you to know!! Also, beware gym locker users, for I have expo—well, you get the idea.

By the way, I have an XL-sized 510 t-shirt for sale if anyone wants it. Never used.

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