Ghetto Bird

Ghetto Bird = Police Helicopter

Yesterday was the last holiday of the season and I spent the day attempting to play basketball in the park. After about a good hour, I was short of breath and decided to call it quits. So we went to visit some friends on 33rd and Diamond. This block reminds me of Brooklyn because there are beautiful brownstone houses everywhere. Anyway, we were sitting on the steps talking and watching people walk by when I seen the craziest thing; well not exactly, it’s probably some what common to those who live around there. There was a crowd of teenagers following this little girl down the street. She walked right pass us with a butcher knife in one hand and a glass bottle in the other. Apparently she was going to “fight” someone.
The police finally made it to the scene after she must have walked at least four blocks up. The Ghetto Bird was out shining its light on everyone trying to find little miss trouble. So her mother comes running down the street with this little orange skirt on and it was so short that her panties were in clear view. It looked like one of those bathing suits with the skirts and the bloomers attached except there was a stain (frown). So they finally found little miss trouble and confiscated her butcher knife and she received a complimentary ride to the police station via patty wagon. So there you have it; my typical “last” holiday in the hood.

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