“Miami Vice” Review

Yesterday I finally had a chance to check out “Miami Vice” at the Riverview Cinemas in South Philly. Though Michael Mann has done some tremendous action movies in the past several years such as “Heat” and “Collateral,” this movie could have gone one of two ways–another enjoyable and stylish action flick, or a cheesy homage to an 80s hit. I was never a huge fan of the MV television series, and am not a fan of Colin Farrell, so I entered the theater with a few reservations. Thankfully these concerns were largely quelled by a balance of the style and intrigue that have made Michael Mann movies so successful. There were a few pointless love scenes that I suppose paid homage to the often oversexed Crockett and Tubbs of the TV series, but even these were artfully done. The music was fantastic. Mann used the sounds of Moby and Audioslave once again to supplement his film, as he did in some of the more powerful scenes in his previous films.

“Miami Vice” is a good summer movie. It’s not terribly substantive, but it draws you in for the two hours you are in the theater. Jamie Foxx did a great job, as always, and I was able to push my disdain for Farrell into the back of my mind for the majority of the movie. The standout of the movie for me was character of Gina, who kicked more butt than Sonny and Crockett combined. You go, girl.

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