Gas, Coffee, $90 Body Massage with “Extras”

Late last month Marisa posted about her love for Wawa, who knew that you could also get yourself a “happy ending” there too?

Coming back from my hockey game this morning I stopped off at the “Super” Wawa on Rt. 1 just outside the city in the Northeast for some gas. I proceeded to pump my gas and as I am climbing back into my car a young lady, wearing a ridiculous pair of Paris Hilton-like sunglasses, in a beat up blue car pulls along side and says, “Can I ask you a question?” Now I’m thinking she’s lost and needs some directions. So sitting in my car with one leg in and one leg out I prepare to be the good Boy Scout I used to be and help this nice girl out. I reply, “Sure” and she sits there I give her the well ask away motion but she says, “Can you come over here so I can ask you?”


I don’t like people so this request kind of throws me for a loop. But I am still feeling helpful so I slowly walk over to which she gives me the come closer motion and adds, “I don’t bite” and very softly almost under her breath she says, “unless you want me too.” So now I am freaked out, did she actually just say she would bite me if I want her too? Anyway I get to her car but keep enough distance so she can’t reach out and grab me thinking what the hell does this chick want from me?

She then tells me she is from Mayfair and she runs her own business. Now I’m thinking she is trying to recruit people for her company, which is probably a scam anyway but how the hell can I get out of this as quick as possible. So I go, “Oh that’s nice”. She then tells me how she runs a massage parlor out of her house. This isn’t so strange, I actually know a couple people who run massage business out of their houses because they can’t afford a parlor or won’t work for a corporate one but I hate strange people touching me so I tell her I’m not interested. I turn towards my car and she calls out again, I turn around and she goes, “I offer a great deal, it’s $90 for the first hour and you get a full body massage and extras?”

Well now it’s clicked in my head she’s a prostitute and she’s propositioning me in the Wawa parking lot at gas pump #2 but the deduction has left me quite stunned and I am just starring at this chick with my mouth hanging agape. She then adds, “You know what extras are right?” I’m still slightly stunned and I manage to stutter out, “Yeah”. She then throws in, “We can go back to my house in Mayfair or your place if you are more comfortable with that.” I start walking backwards to my car and tell her, “I’m not interested, thanks.” turning and jumping into my car. As I was pulling out to go north on Rt. 1 I spotted her talking up some other guy. Who would have thought at a little before noon on Sunday morning you could grab yourself a coffee, some gas, maybe the Sunday paper and a prostitute too?

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  1. brady (unregistered) on August 14th, 2006 @ 1:33 pm

    that is too funny!

  2. AG (unregistered) on August 14th, 2006 @ 3:20 pm

    hmmm, will be interesting to see how much more traffic there is at the gas pumps as a result of this post.

  3. John Thomas (unregistered) on August 16th, 2006 @ 3:40 pm

    just to point out… she wasn’t a prostitute, she was a massage girl. there’s a difference. one of minor degree, but you didn’t need to be so insulting about her chosen field of work.

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