Grape Street Next Week

So next week I’m playing at the Grape Street Pub in Manayunk. The Grape Room. The little room to the right. Me, at the Grape Street. This is the highlight of my budding career as a has-been musician! I’m so psyched, that one time when I almost got sucked under Niagara Falls pales in comparison. Pales, I say!

After that, my buddies Bill and Lauren of Almost Awake are up. They’re cool cats who live and play around Philly every once in a while. Over in the big room, on the Performance Stage are:

10:15 — POLYMER

What stinks is that I busted my thumb last night. You see, I sorta whacked it on the lip of a pool’s ledge because I’m blind without my glasses. That and I don’t know how to swim. It hurts so much I can’t pick things up or write (I’m left handed). And worst of all? I can’t play guitar without my left hand. That’s the hand that makes the guitar sound like music. It forms all the chord shapes that I can’t do without as a musician.

My buddy and fellow singer-songwriter John Shaughnessy will be playing percussion, too. †his’ll actually be a damn cool show for me.

I hope the thumb heals up. And if not, I’ll have to cover some other way. Luckily, I can play piano one-handed.

Hey, if you’re interested in watching a cripple play, swing by the Grape Street next Friday and say hi. Remember to tell the door dudes that you’re here to see me, Jay V Cruz, aka YOUR SECRET IDENTITY!

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