Nacho Mama!

For the past year or so, my friend Ramoncito and I have been on a quest for the city’s best nachos. So I’ve decided to chronicle this search here and share our ooey gooey cheesy chip experience. This is not unlike the Pizza Hunt that local quizzomaster extraordinaire, Johnny Goodtimes (who I just read is the newly crowned best quizzo host in Philly by Philadelphia Magazine) has undertaken. Except that nachos are nothing like pizza. But whatever. We already have some favorites, but I’m starting this from scratch and will revisit those faves (what a chore, right) so I can document them afresh.

nachos.jpg (Image:
This isn’t at all what our nachos from below looked like, but ah well.

Last night, nacho venue of choice was “The Bards” on Walnut and 20th. Ramoncito actually missed out on this one despite my pleas for him to join me & our friend Les in a nacho-chowing session. His loss–so much more cheesy chip love for us.The plate came out piping hot (no congealed cheese mess here!) and we immediately grabbed a chip and dug into the mound of cheddar, tomatoes, olives, and jalapenos. The one thing that sets these nachos apart from the plain jane variety served at most pubs is the savory minced meat that’s sprinkled liberally throughout the heap o’ tortilla chips. My only suggestion would be to add a handful more chips as we had a lot of the yummy ingredients left over–if Ramoncito had joined, I’m quite sure we would have just asked for more, but Les & I were roly-poly rollin’ outta there. On a scale of 1 to 10: 1 being the worst (ie, I’d rather eat gravel) and 10 the best (I’ll give my firstborn for another plate of those), I’m gonna give “The Bards” an exceptional 8.5–that’s a pretty high benchmark for the first nacho review–we’ll see how our next choice matches up.

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