Serendipitious Farmers’ Market

There is a Farmers’ Market in front the Penn Bookstore every Wednesday afternoon from 11 am until 3 pm (or something very close to that). Every Wednesday I intend to get over there, and so far this summer, I have not made it once. Yesterday morning, I wrote a note to myself and taped it to my keyboard, in the hopes that I would remember to get over there, but when I came up for air from a project I was working on, it was 2:45 pm and I didn’t have time to go over. Kicking myself, I swore I would get over there next week.

Today, as I walked back to my office after picking up the air, I stood at the corner of 36th and Walnut, waiting for the light to change. I looked up and realized that the Farmers’ Market was there. For a moment I racked my brain. Was it actually Wednesday? Did they change the day of the market? I crossed over to the shaded table and saw a sign that confirmed that the market was a Wednesday activity. However, I overheard the man behind the table telling another customer that they were there because of a sand castle building event that was happening a few doors down (anyone know why they were building sand castles in from of EMS?. I bought zucchini, tomatoes and beets for $4 and internally celebrated this serendipitous Farmers’ Market experience.

If you’re looking for other Farmers’ Markets in the Philly region, check out this website.

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