Preparing for Armageddon

Traveled to Georgia this weekend for a family get-together this weekend and while my sister, who lives in DC, and I were taking MARTA (Atlanta’s SEPTA) out into the ‘burbs, we started talking about recent events: the train bombings in India, the escalated Middle East war/conflict, mutated avian flu virus, tsunami’s, and lions and tigers and bears. We talked about a disaster plan and how/where we’d head to (south, we decided, toward the fam in Georgia.) Clogged highways might preclude a car as a getaway option and there probably wouldn’t be a ton of altruistic rail engineers shuttling passengers to and fro to make trains a realistic alternative. So I was left with walking or biking. Walking, it would take me 5-7 days to get my uncle’s place in Maryland to where my sister would also flee. We figured I would need about 20 power bars (or a huge jar of peanut butter) and couple gallons of water (oof!) to get by during my journey. The picture of me making that trek to Southern Maryland was comical, but it also made me think about how screwed I would be if any major catastrophe completely wiped out communications with, or access to, my loved ones. OK, so maybe I’m being a bit paranoid, but I’m going out to buy a couple boxes of power bars today and check out the tires on my bike.

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