w luxury and newmarket rot

plans are set for a new fancy schmancy luxury w hotel at the convention center, including 95 condo units. i have to wonder, though, who buys these things? there are so many luxury towers going up around town, and even talk of converting some of the liberty tower spaces. do we really have enough filthy rich people to fill up these spaces? furthermore, i didn’t notice any mention of included parking. i sure hope they plan to slap a garage under there somewhere.

it’s a shame none of their prior plans to redevelop the newmarket area near headhouse square panned out. what exactly did will smith and his brother do with that land? did they sell it to someone else? or are they just sitting on it while it rots into an eyesore in an otherwise vibrantly developing area? it’s such a waste, and sad that a wealthy family who claims to care for their hometown let it become as such.

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  1. Brandyn (unregistered) on July 13th, 2006 @ 3:13 pm

    I wonder the same thing about all the condos going up around the city. Maybe I just hang with the po’ people of Philadelphia and everyone else really is rich? I predict a dramatic drop in prices after people fail to purchase all of these new places.

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