Death Toll: 201 and Counting

Three people were killed Monday night in a violent half hour stretch. Those three upped the death toll to 201, up at least 3.65 percent from last year. Police Commissioner Richard Ross gave valid reasons for the spike: too many violent offenders are repeatedly arrested and then set loose again; witnesses don’t want to be snitches thus making it difficult to make an arrest; criminals find guns readily available and are more than happy to use them. All this and the police departments staffing has declined by hundreds of officers in the past few years.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer 07/12/2006

Reading through some of the comments off of the article one struck me as just not getting it. The comment asked if the state or federal courts can “give the city the authority to severely limit the sale and possession of firearms?” Doesn’t this person realize that a good majority of these crimes are from illegally obtained guns? Anyway I think the question sparks a good question. What do you think, will violent crime in our city lower if we regulate the purchase and possession of guns more?

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  1. Montez (unregistered) on July 19th, 2006 @ 1:32 am

    I am a young man who loves the city of Philadelphia; it is my home city and most of all it is a beautiful city. The problem with the city as always is the people who live their, the corrupt politicians who care only about fast solutions to long term problems, and most of all the lack of human worth people place upon people.

    I read the paper today 7/19/07 and the cab driver who was shot while filling his car just makes a person wonder, “What the hell is wrong with people?” People are killing each other over words, over gestures, over materials, and worse of all over money.
    One poor person taking what another poor person worked two weeks to bring home.

    Yes, we need a new structure of government. Yes, we need more police officers. Yes, we need more people in the communities to stand up when a 10-16 yr. old is killed “JUST FOR BEING OUTSIDE PLAYING”. When headlines begin to read something of the following, “Child Shot for being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time” & the child was just out side in his neighborhood, then we are really in need for a DAMN change.

    No longer can we say that our government is totally responsible, parents who raise children who understand self worth never have problems with their children. When we speak on accountability lets start at the beginning. The “BIRTH” and the “FAMILY”, and what needs to be taught in the home is not something that can be taught on the streets.

    Love thy neighbor as thy brother!!

    I plead to those living in my city, living in our city; let’s begin to look out for each other. If more people helped each other, a lot of crimes would not exist.

    Help each other gets jobs, help each other build houses that turn into homes [houses are buildings people live in, homes have ‘love’ in them], and most of all, teach our young to LOVE themselves and therefore all those around them.

    I’m 21 I LOVE you all. God Bless. “God’s SON”

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