Damn Commies Strike Again

This should really be a post for Suzanne’s Feature, NJ Communist Country? You Make The Call!, but I couldn’t wait to prove to everyone how anti-American New Jersey really is. In a story posted over at philly.com. The state of New Jersey has sued five PA fireworks companies for attempting to mislead and potentially harm their citizens. The law in PA is that fireworks can be sold to local residents only if they have a special permit but no permit is needed for out-of-state consumers. “These companies misled New Jersey citizens into believing that they could legally transport, possess and display fireworks in New Jersey. By doing so, these companies not only subjected our citizens to potential criminal prosecution but also jeopardized their health and safety,” said Attorney General Zulima Farber.

Come on folks this is the same concept as us crossing the river to grab a cheaper bottle of vodka. We’re not filing lawsuits against the New Jersey alcohol warehouses for misleading PA residents into believing we could legally transport liquor across state lines are we? (We’re not are we?). This just goes to prove that New Jersey is filled with communists. I mean really what is more American than fireworks, OK so they are more of an Asian thing but it’s the 4th of July there should be fireworks. People should be playing with M80s and risking a chance to blow off their hand, they should be drinking beer and then using the empty bottles or cans to shoot tiny little rockets at each other. New Jersey is always taking the fun out of everything next thing you know they will be charging you to get on to the beach.

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