Post 300. That’s what this is. So for that giant monument of numbers I wanted to do something big but well I didn’t really come up with anything so instead I am just going to copy off of Suzanne and list my reasons for writing here.

1. I like to be able to voice my opinion even when I am so obviously wrong.
2. I’m able to increase the readership of my lame movie reviews.
3. I’m able to increase my readership of any of my rambling for that matter.
4. I do it for the chicks. No seriously.
5. Ok I lied about number six because I am not getting any chicks from writing on this site but if I was single I’m sure I could.
6. At times I get to hang out in the city with some pretty cool people outside of my normal circle of friends and drink while doing it.
7. I get to use the blog as free exposure for my amateur hockey career.
8. I get to debate stuff in a large forum with Brady, just because it’s fun to argue.
9. I can cover the Flyers and I never have to leave my couch.
10. From the same couch I can mock the Eagles. I hate them so.

Ok so I didn’t come up with as huge a list as Suzanne but you get the point. Happy Birthday Philly Metblogs!

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