More to love at the Crooked Frame

Posted an entry yesterday from the Crooked Frame Coffee and Art Gallery at 26th & Brown and as I was leaving, I learned that every Tuesday thru Jul 25th is “Bad Taste Double Features” night there. Last nite’s theme was “Southern Hospitality” with back to back viewings of Deliverance and Mandingo. Was unable to stay for the former (which I’ve seen) but made it back for the 9pm showing of the latter, and well, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying this campy cinematic gem, don’t lose sleep over it. Its humor is brutal and stereotypes over-the-top. I can’t say I hated it and even laughed aloud several times, but it also did make me squirm during a few scenes. That said, the lineup for the next few double feature nights have potential:

June 27, Theme: “Spawn of Satan” featuring Demon Seed and Rosemary’s Baby
July 11, Theme: “Why is Fluffy so Stiff?” featuring My Dog Skip and Harry and Tonto
July 18, Theme: “Stumped” featuring Johnny Got His Gun and Boxing Helena (I’m going to this one!)
July 25, Theme: “True Crime” featuring In Cold Blood and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

First movie starts at 7pm and second movie around 9pm, +/- 15 mins. Popcorn & movie eats are for sale @ the cafe.

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