Movie Review: Nacho Libre


I’ve never seen “Napoleon Dynamite” or “School of Rock”. Both films were critically acclaimed and people have told me I really should sit down and see them. The creators and makers of both those films have come along and made what in theory should be a really funny movie. Jack Black + Mexicans + Wrestling + Midgets should equal a damn funny movie. Unfortunately it only equates to a slightly amusing film that seems to be trying to hard to make the audience laugh.

Nacho Libre is about a Mexican monk, Ignacio (played by Jack Black), whom isn’t so happy as the orphanage cook and becomes a wrestler hiding his secret life from those around him. Nacho isn’t as good a wrestler as he is a cook but he lets his new world consume him and he eventually is banished for his troubles. He must fight the big bad guy to win redemption and in a sense win the girl.

I like Jack Black and maybe some of my disappointment with Nacho Libre comes from the fact that I myself have grown to expect good things from projects that Jack Black is in. It happens all the time, people get their hopes up and then the ceiling caves in on them because those expectations were too high to live up to. But I only think some of that might have been my problem with it, the rest I think is due to the overabundance of flat jokes and not so funny slapstick. If you’re looking for a movie to go see, keep looking because this one isn’t it.

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  1. AG (unregistered) on June 20th, 2006 @ 8:43 am

    So very disappointing to hear–am a really big fan of Napoleon & Mr. Black.

  2. jen (unregistered) on June 20th, 2006 @ 12:35 pm

    i held out on napoleon dynamite for a long time as well. it’s definitely worth a viewing, in my opinion, but not the extensive t-shirt and incessant quoting phenomenon.

    this one looked oh so very bad from the previews, and i guess for once the previews proved accurate!

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